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DIY Holiday Gift Jar Angel

If you’re looking for a cute homemade gift to make for the holidays, I’ve got just the thing for you!

These cute DIY Angel Gift Jars are easy to make and can be filled with your treat of choice. I used silver and blue Hershey KISSES to fill these for a festive and shimmery vibe, but you could also fill them with hard candies, small cookies, yummy snack mixes, or even non-edible treats.  Get the details and free printable gift tags below.

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P.S. I feel like a small version of these would be SUPER CUTE as holiday party favors too… imagine a whole band of shimmery angels gathered near the door to give party guests a sweet send off and “protect” them from being hungry on the way home. LOL ;)

DIY Jar Angels with Gift Tags



  • Food jars with lids (up cycled or new)
  • Hershey’s KISSES (silver, blue, or light blue)
  • Silver paint
  • 2 Silver pipe cleaners
  • Paper angel wings (hand drawn or printed)
  • Silver ribbon/trim
  • Printable Angel Gift Tags
  • Mini silver jingle bells
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


1. Paint the jar lid silver, and fill the jar with Hershey’s KISSES.

2. Create the “angel halo” by bending a silver pipe cleaner into a circle that’s slightly smaller in diameter than the lid.

3. Fold a 2nd pipe cleaner in half and twist the sides together. Bend the top of this piece around the halo to create a support stem for it.

4. Connect the halo to the back of the jar using dabs of hot glue on the lower part of the stem.

5. Download and print the Angel Gift Tags. Slide a gift tag and a mini bell onto silver ribbon or trim, and tie them onto the jar.

6. Hot glue the paper angel wings onto the back of the jar, below the lid.

Tip: Paper angel wings can be created free hand, by using images found online, or by tracing images found in books. I used a stock image here and changed the colors, but don’t only have an individual usage license for it or else I’d for sure share those too! You can also use ready-made craft feather angel wings instead for more of a 3D look!

Happy Holidays! :)

Homemade Holiday Gift Jar Idea

Gift Jar Angel with Blue Hershey Kisses

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