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DIY Display Stands for Mini Desserts - materials

Here’s a super easy idea for creatively displaying mini desserts! This example is from the Peppermint Twist holiday theme we created for Starbucks and features their Petite Whoopie Pies (in Red Velvet and Chocolate Créme) – but you can really customize this idea to any miniature dessert, color palette, & occasion!


Materials: All you need are tall shot glasses, 2-inch wooden discs (available in packs at craft stores), decorative paper, a glue stick and glue dots (in 3D or Pop Up size). I also recommend a 2-inch circle craft punch to make cutting the paper circles super easy/precise. To assemble: Use a glue stick to affix paper circles to one side of each wooden disc. Flip shot glasses upside down and use glue dots to secure the decorated discs to the shot glasses.

DIY Display Stands for Mini Desserts - close up shot

DIY Display Stands for Mini Desserts - finished shot

For extra creative flair, line the mini display stands up in neat rows on white trays lined with more of the decorative paper. I also used glue dots to attach snowflake ornaments to the trays here.