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DIY Floral Flamingo Party Hats

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flamingo party hats tutorial

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I originally designed these colorful DIY Party Hats for a Flamingo party theme, but they’d work well for so many summer party themes! They’re decorated with a fun mix of artificial flowers, feathers, and craft poms.

I traced the hats from card stock to get the exact colors I wanted here, but you can also just buy pre-made party hats to make this project super easy. 🙌

Here’s how you make them…

Colorful Party Hats with Flowers and Feathers





1. Print and cut out the party hat template.

2. Trace the template onto card stock, then cut out & roll the card stock to make your own hats.

3. Secure the hat in the back with tape.

4. Hot glue a feather + 2 or more faux flowers to the front of the hat.

5. Hot glue a craft pom onto the top of the hat.

6. Tape an elastic band to the inside base.

Feather and Flower Flamingo Party Hats

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