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stamped hot dog buns DIY tutorial

Ready for your Independence Day cookout tomorrow? Well, we’ve got an easy way to add an extra starBURST of creativity to the menu… DIY Patriotic Stamped Hot Dog Buns! (As seen in our  All-American County Fair” 4th of July Party.)

Inspired by a clever stamped biscuit post from Hungry Happenings, I thought this “food stamping” idea would be a fun touch for 4th of July parties too. This was our first attempt at something like this – and a super rushed one at that, as it was kind of thrown into the midst of a large photo shoot at the last second – but the great news is that this is one of those cases where imperfection is your friend. Yay :) The “messy” stamped impressions have kind of a worn/vintage vibe, which is perfect for 4th of July! Also, I would recommend using a much brighter color of blue food coloring than what you see here. My “blue” was more of a navy because I initially bought it for our Patriotic Layer Cake, so a brighter shade of gel icing would have been more ideal for this project. The navy worked in a pinch, though! Keep reading for the materials and instructions to make these fun conversation buns.


patriotic hot dog buns tutorial


  • Hot Dog Buns
  • Blue & Red Gel Icing Colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Foam Sticker Letters
  • Foam Stars (or other designs)
  • Mini Wood Blocks or Mini Art Canvases (both worked for us)


1. Use the foam letters and stars to create “stamp” designs on mini wood blocks or art canvases. We used grouped stars, “USA” letters, and large individual stars for our stamps. TIP: Remember to stick/glue your designs – especially any letters – on the block backwards, so that they stamp in the correct direction.

2. Paint the foam letters and stars with gel icing. Try to avoid getting the food coloring on the block.

3. Press and remove your homemade stamps onto the hot dog buns, being careful to lift away without smudging. Let dry for a few minutes. (Drying time will vary based on how generous you are with the coloring).

4. Place the buns on your food table right before serving… and voila! You’ve got a fantastic conversation piece! ;)

patriotic stamped hotdog buns


Happy 4th of July!