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DIY Tutorial: Metallic + Chevron Fringe Risers

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fringe risers diy tutorial on hwtm

Let’s get fringetastic! Today we have another fabulous DIY tutorial from our Royal Baby Shower that involves metallic tissue paper and chevron pattern, so get excited people! These fun Fringe Risers are crafty, affordable and playful… perfect to showcase your favorite desserts or make your centerpieces pop!


diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm


– Thin, wooden disc {ours were about 8 inches}
– Tissue paper sheet {20×24}
– Patterned Paper (We used chevron printable pattern from the Royal Baby Shower Collection)
– Candlestick/Pedestal
– Scissors
– Rubber Cement
– Pencil
– Glue Dots
– Hot Glue


diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

1. Trace the outline of the wooden disc onto the patterned paper & cut out.

diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

2. Apply a generous coat of rubber cement to the disc & adhere the paper circle on top. While the rubber cement is still wet, you can slide the paper around until you get it in the perfect spot. Once you have it in place, press firmly. Trim along the edges if there is over hanging paper.

diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

3. Next, lay out the tissue paper horizontally (landscape) and fold in half, short edge to short edge. Continue folding the sheet in half until you get down to about 3 inches.

diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

4. Holding the creased edge, fold over 3/4 of the way to the other edge.

diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

5. Apply hot glue to edge of the wooden disc & attach tissue paper. Continue until you’ve gone all the way around the disc.

diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

TIP: This is what it should look like on the inside.

diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

6. Once you’ve attached the tissue paper, take your scissors and cut strips (about 1/4 inch) all the way around.

diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

7. Run your fingers through the fringe to fluff & separate.

diy tutorial fringe risers on hwtm

8. Using glue dots attach the completed disc to a pedestal of your choice! {We used a white candlestick holder.}

diy fringe risers

TIP: For a playful touch, make multiple stands with different paper and trim colors. (At the event, we also used gold glitter paper and pink fringe.)



  1. Party Box Design July 18, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    oh thats a really fun craft idea, great for height on dessert tables! love the fringe!

  2. amandabruyere October 18, 2013 at 9:54 am

    I love this! Simple yet dramatic!

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