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DIY Tutorial: Giant Marble Balloon Flowers for Mom

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Marbled Balloon Flowers for Mother's Day - DIY Tutorial

I’m excited to share this fun Mother’s Day idea with you today! Flowers are always a staple for mom, of course, but I thought it would be fun to try something a little outside the box this year and make giant flowers out of balloons… and more specifically out of multi-color MARBLE balloons!

These colorful balloons are one of my newest party decor obsessions. Just take a quick peek at them and I think you’ll understand why… so pretty, right?! ;) You can find them at craft or party supply shops, both in-store and online. Read on for details on how to turn them into unique “petals” for giant balloon flowers (it’s easy!) + download my free printables to customize the flowers especially for mom. They make for a very creative Mother’s Day gift idea or high-impact table centerpiece!

Marbled Balloon Flowers - DIY Materials





1. Using your Balloon Time tank, fill up 4 marble balloons to approximately 9-10” size and tie short strings to each one. (Don’t overfill them or the flower “petals” can get a little too crowded.)

Marbled Balloons - Red Yellow Blue

Tip: Tape the balloon strings to your work surface to keep the balloons from floating away. :)

2. Take 2 of the helium-filled balloons and tie them together at the tails using the strings. Repeat with the other set of balloons so you end up with two pairs of 2 balloons.

Marble Balloons

3. Place one pair of tied balloons on top of the other so they form an X, then grab one balloon from each pair and switch their positions by looping them around each other once. This will secure the 2 pairs of balloons together and form the main shape of your “flower”.

DIY Marble Balloon Flower Tutorial

Balloon Flower - Petals

4. Use the balloon strings to tie a knot and further secure the balloons together at their tails (which is also the center of the “flower”). Don’t stress if it looks messy in the center… this area will be covered up by the yellow balloon soon!

Tip: Place something lightweight on top of your balloon flower to keep it from floating away while you create the center balloon, like I did here with my roll of balloon string:

Balloon Flower - Weighting

5. Use the tank to lightly fill the small yellow water balloon (or 5” balloon) and tie it off. Use another balloon string or glue dots to secure it to the center of the flower balloon.

DIY Giant Marble Balloon Flowers

This is looking fun already, right?! ;)

Tip: If your balloon “petals” aren’t sitting exactly how you want, you can use glue dots in between the petals to help hold them in place. (Make sure to use the glue dots sparingly though, as they do add a little weight.)

Glue Dots

6. Trim off any excess balloon strings that are showing. You can also tie or tape a new, longer string onto the back if you need to add more height for your display.

Red Yellow Blue Marble Balloon Flowers

Done! Attach your flower balloon to a bud vase (or your container of choice) and add printable Mother’s Day Leaves for the finishing touch.

Mother's Day Printable Leaves for DIY Flower Balloons

Marbled Balloon Flower - Gift Idea for Mom

I used a glue dot to attach the printable leaves to wooden dowels here – but you can also just attach them directly to the rim of the vase or even on the string! Keep in mind that attaching directly to the string will add a bit of weight to the balloon though.

You can also create a trio or a whole “garden” of flowers if you like!  And the printable leaves can also be turned into a coordinating party garland if you’re feeling extra crafty. ;)


Happy Mother’s Day!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Balloon Time. As always, all thoughts and designs are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that make it possible for me to keep the creative content coming your way!


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  2. Jayden April 25, 2016 at 3:27 am

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  10. Joie Gahum May 22, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    This is very creative. One can also apply this style for balloons this coming 4th of July celebrations. We just have to change the colors with red and blue for the Independence Day celebration. I am hoping you can post a unique décor for this 4th of July as well.

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