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pumpkin marshmallow garnish tutorial

Halloween is almost here! Time to start thinking about all kinds of yummy treats, funny tricks, awesome costumes, spooky decorations and crafts. I’m particularly excited about all the cool marshmallows that start to become available around this time of the year. You guessed it! This fun DIY involves marshmallows.

Hi, Alejandra Morin here from The Marshmallow Studio, and I’m super excited to be back today with another unique marshmallow tutorial. Garnishing your drinks can go past the typical lemon twist or slice of orange. Now you can also garnish your cup, mug, glass or mason jar using marshmallows. I’m going to show you how to take your drink to the next level with a Marshmallow Pumpkin Garnish! Let’s have some fun…



by: Alejandra Morin
Makes: 1 Garnish


pumpkin garnish for halloween supplies

– 1 KRAFT JET-PUFFED Jumbo PumpkinMallow
– Edible Ink Pens: Green, black and orange
– Stainless steel food scissors


1. Draw face on Jumbo PumpkinMallow using black edible ink pen
2. On top of pumpkin, color the stem and draw vines using a the green edible ink pen
3. Draw curved lines from top to bottom of marshmallow using orange edible ink pen
4. Cut small vertical slit on the bottom middle of pumpkin
5. Slip into place on rim of cup, glass, mason jar or mug of your choice to garnish drink.

pumpkin marshmallow garnish tutorial

BONUS: Skip drawing the Jack O’ Lantern face and now you can also use this garnish idea for Thanksgiving!