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DIY royal birthday crown tutorial

A while back, I shared a Toy-Inspired Royal 1st Birthday Party with you that we created earlier this summer. We also posted a few fun extras from the party soon after – like this mess-free glittered forks DIY and lots of free printables – but got sidetracked with other projects and deadlines before we could get all of the tutorials up. Fast forward to today though, and it’s time to pick up where we left off, starting with one of my personal favorite elements of this party… the crowns!

While it may be true that life is more fun with a party hat, a royal birthday celebration calls for Party CROWNS right? ;) And instead of creating everything from scratch, we kept things very easy by ordering small plastic crowns online and dressing them up with crafty pops of color. Colored sequins, craft poms, and a little hot glue are all you need to quickly transform basic crowns into happy-go-lucky birthday party gear that’s royally fun!


DIY royal birthday crown tutorial supplies


Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Hot glue craft poms securely to the top of the party crowns, changing up the colors to your liking for a rainbow effect.

2. Use sequins and tiny dabs of hot glue to decorate the bottom of the crowns, alternating the colors here as well. (It’s helpful to have a toothpick handy to assist with gluing the sequins and to help prevent finger burns!)

3. Done! I like to display the finished crowns on place settings to help dress up the kids table, as shown below.

DIY royal birthday crown tutorial

Of course, the BEST way to showcase these cute & crafty party crowns is on the pint-sized guests themselves! (Pictured below: My youngest daughter Rylie is on the left, and our family friend, Jackson Purcell, is on the right.)

DIY royal birthday crown tutorial

Special note: Please remember to make sure that very little ones are well supervised when wearing the crowns. In my experience here, the hot glue really kept the craft poms on super tight (I couldn’t even pull them off myself), but the results of handmade projects can vary from person to person, so it’s always good to stay mindful of this!

PLUS, if you’re planning a royal party of your own, make sure to check out our matching Royal Rainbow Birthday Collection at Hostess INK, where printed invitations and party decor can be customized with your little one’s name & age!