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DIY Unicorn Party Headbands

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These adorable unicorn headbands are surprisingly quick to create! Can you guess how they get their perfect “horn” shape? 🦄

Sugar cones! That’s right, an edible ingredient proved to be the perfect crafty hack for this project. 🙌

Sugar cones are surprisingly sturdy, and the thickness of the glitter craft foam further reinforces it. These horns should hold up just fine for cute photos and birthday party usage. 🥳

Unicorn Party Headbands



You’ll need:

  • headbands (I found these sparkly ones at Walmart)
  • sugar cones
  • adhesive foam glitter sheets (typically found in craft stores near the felt)
  • printable Unicorn Horn Template
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • multicolor yarn (for decorative accent)
  • hot glue gun


1. Trace the Unicorn Horn Template onto the back of a foam glitter sheet and cut it out.

2. Peel the paper backing off of the cut-out so that the adhesive is exposed. Lay a sugar cone in the center of the foam you just cut out, directly onto the adhesive, and wrap the foam around until the cone is completely covered. If necessary, use scissors to trim off any excess foam around the base of the horn.

3. Next, trace and cut a circle of foam glitter for the bottom of the horn, using the rim of the wrapped sugar cone as your template. Peel the paper backing off of the foam circle and place it on the underside of a headband, sticky-side up. Place the unicorn horn on top of the circle, sandwiching a portion of the headband in between them. Use small dabs of hot glue near the headband to further secure the horn.

4. Wrap yarn around the horn at a diagonal angle. Secure the yarn at the top and bottom with hot glue.

You can also add a pretty fabric flower or other special details to the birthday girl’s headband to make it stand out from the rest! Here’s how ours looked with a fabric flower (from the scrapbook aisle at Michaels).

For lots more ideas like this one, check out my original post: Simple & Sweet Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas.

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