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DIY Washi Tape and Cork Tile Placemats with Tissue Fringe

This is one of those projects that was kind of a happy accident, but it’s so fun & easy that I already know it’s going to become a staple in my bag of party tricks!

While “inspiration shopping” for our recent Fiesta party theme, I stumbled on a 4-pack of cork tile squares for less than $7 at Target. I already had a bunch of colorful washi tape in my basket, and suddenly Washi Tape Cork Tile Placmats just felt like a match made in {crafty party} heaven! And because fringed tissue paper was already the plan for the party garlands and centerpieces, we added tissue to a couple of the placemat designs too. I do feel like the fringe-y ones feel extra fiesta-like. ;)

Since the instructions for this DIY project are basically “buy cork tiles and decorate with washi tape + other (optional) crafty elements”, I’m just going to let a few images do the rest of the talking… enjoy!

DIY Project Materials - Washi Tape, Cork Tiles, and Tissue Paper

This next design is probably my personal favorite… I just like the off-center design & mix of so many different colors! I also accented it with some flat metal studs I found lying around:

DIY Washi Tape Cork Tile Placemat

DIY Fiesta Party Placemats

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