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chocolate raspberry martini recipe

I’m really excited to share the recipe for this Chocolate Raspberry Martini (or “wine-tini” as I like to call it) with you because it was a HUGE hit at the Modern Parisian event!

After each of the drinks that our mixologist, Tim, created as part of the demo, he asked if someone would like to be a “taster” and I think half the room instantly volunteered for this one… so he poured as many samples as he could, and every single person gave a rave review. But i guess with a combo like chocolate and raspberry, can you really go wrong?! So read on for the full recipe after the jump…


Chocolate Raspberry Martini
{Makes 4 to 6 dessert drinks}

12 Fresh raspberries
2 ounces Chambord
4 Tablespoons Semi-Sweet Cocoa powder
8 ounces of Merlot or Cabernet

In a bowl add raspberries and ½ ounce of the Chambord.  Muddle these together  to ensure the two are well incorporated. Add the cocoa powder and 4 ounces of the red wine. Mix well and then strain into a small pitcher to remove the raspberry seeds.  Add the additional Chambord and red wine.  Pour into a mixing glass or shaker with ice and vigourously shake. Strain into martini glasses and enjoy!

As an option, rim your martini glasses with chocolate and crushed nuts.  You can also dust with a little cocoa powder or add a shaving of chocolate.