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POM Wonderful - POMtiki Smash Cocktail

How good does this POMtiki Smash cocktail look?! It features pomegranate juice, pineapple juice, almond (or orgeat) syrup, and rum, and has a cool tropical vibe that makes me think of relaxing in Hawaii… ahhh, Hawaii! The beautiful reddish-purple color also looks fabulous garnished with the bright yellow pineapple wedge.

This would be a fun signature drink idea for a Tropical-themed cocktail or dinner party… and would be great enjoyed alongside POM Salsa or Pomegranate, Gouda, and Pear Quesadillas for a complimentary flavor & look!

P.S. If you love pomegranate (or are doing a party where RED is a key color), there are a ton of yummy-looking recipe ideas on the POM Wonderful website. A friend just told me about them and I was surprised to find so many!