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DIY Tutorial: Decorative Egg Easter Dessert Stands

It’s hard to believe that Easter is already right around the corner! Add a splash of fun to your Easter desserts or dessert table with these adorable Mini Decorative Egg Dessert Stands! This simple & clever tutorial is by Paula from Party Like Paula.



– 2 round pieces of wood
– 1 larger round piece of wood (All I could find was a wooden basketball but with a little paint it worked just perfect!)
– Dowel Rod
– Decorative Eggs
– Paint
– Glue
– Drill

mini dessert stand diy supplies




Step 1: Start out by drilling a hole into the center of your 2 smaller pieces of round wood.

mini dessert stand diy drill a hole

Step 2: Drill a hole into your eggs.

mini dessert stand diy drill holes into the eggs

Step 3: Slide dowel rod into hole that you drilled in step 1. Slip your eggs onto dowel rod until desired heights is achieved and cut top of dowel off. Leave about a 1/2 inch at the top.

mini dessert stand diy slide eggs onto the stand

Step 4: Give all wood pieces a couple coats of paint and slide eggs back onto dowel. Now add the 2nd circle of wood to the top of dowel. (Glue dowel rod in place if desired, I want to keep mine so I can change out the eggs and therefore I left mine unglued.)

Step 5: Glue the larger piece of round wood onto the top to act as a “plate”.

mini easter dessert stand with eggs in pink white and blue

Now top with your sweets and let your guests go crazy over your display! Or make one for every guest as a favor…how fun!


Thanks again to Paula for sharing this creative project with us! For more clever party ideas from Paula, be sure to check out her blog.