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Sweet & Simple “Bunny Tail” Party Punch

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Bunny Birthday Party Punch

Need a fun drink idea for Easter brunch or a bunny birthday party? I’ve got just the thing! 🐰🤗

This charming Bunny Tail Party Punch is the perfect combo of sweet and simple. The cottontail cups only take a few minutes, and the (delicious!) 3-ingredient punch is super quick to whip up. 🙌

I used raspberry lemonade + Sprite here to get the pretty light pink color. If you need a different color for your party, just swap out the pink lemonade for another juice/mixer that matches better. Cheers!

Easter Bunny Party Punch




  • clear punch cups
  • cotton balls
  • hot glue gun
  • pink punch (equal parts pink lemonade & Sprite)
  • sherbet or ice cream (I used a vanilla/orange-sherbet swirl)
  • party straws (optional)


1. Pull cotton balls in half, and roll each half into a ball to form small bunny tails.

2. Hot glue the tails to the cups.

3. Mix equal parts (chilled) pink lemonade and Sprite in a punch bowl, pitcher, or drink dispenser.

4. Fill cups with punch.

5. Add a small scoop of ice cream/sherbet to each cup.

6. Add party straws and serve immediately.

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