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These darling “surprise inside” cookies are also surprisingly easy to whip up!

The secret is to start with storebought cookies that resemble seashells – specifically scallops or clams. I used Lemon Pepperidge Farm shortbread cookies here but just learned that they may have been discontinued. *sigh* Don’t worry though – there are lots of other options too! Madeleine cookies would work well, or any round shortbread or sugar cookie (ideally with a swirl or seashell-like pattern on top).

The other great thing about these seashell-inspired cookies is that they’re easy to customize. Just tint the colors to match your party! They’d make a great addition to any mermaid party or under the sea party theme. 🤩

Clamshell Cookies



These darling “surprise inside” cookies are also surprisingly easy to whip up!

You’ll also need:

    • store-bought cookies that look like shells
    • vanilla or classic white frosting
    • food coloring
    • pastry bag (fitted with a “star” tip – optional)
    • white candy-coated chocolates (I used white Sixlets.)
  • brown sugar (for the tray)


1. Tint frosting in the colors of your choice. (I recommend at least 2 colors for added visual interest!)

2. Use a pastry bag to pipe a generous swirl of frosting on an upside-down cookie.

3. Place a chocolate candy “pearl” on top of the frosting, then place another cookie on top, at an angle, to form the top portion of the “shell”.

4. Display the finished cookies on a tray covered with brown sugar “sand”. (Generously cover the tray with sugar first, then place the cookies.)

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