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Halloween Dessert Table Sign

HALLOWEEN… the perfect time of year to cast a spell! Of the SWEETEST kind of course. 😉

And these cute & easy Halloween treats should do the trick. 🎃 They’re from the new Modern Witch Inspired Halloween Party that I shared earlier this week, one of my collaborations with Master of Mixes.

No Tricks, Just Treats!

When it comes to designing dessert stations at home, I’m a big believer in a mix of stylish, clever, and DOABLE. As much as I can appreciate a grandiose sugar display, it’s also *scary* how quickly a slew of fancy treats and bulk candy can *RIP* your budget. 💀 This station is a combo of simple homemade treats & popular store-bought items. (And everything was given a spooky name, of course!)

PB & Chocolate Witch Brooms

This first treat is my personal favorite. I’ve seen this idea done with pretzel stick before, but my girls actually aren’t big fans of pretzels – unless they’re the hot, puffy-bread kind. I stumbled on some Cookies & Cream Pocky Sticks while shopping and thought – YES! The perfect knobby-looking (and yummy tasting!) broomsticks for our mini Reese’s. 🙌

Peanut Butter Cup Witch Brooms Treat

Pocky Sticks are cookie biscuits and pretty delicate, so I poked a hole in the PB cups first to make it easier to insert them. I also dipped the bottom of the sticks in green candy melts to make them extra secure.

Witch Brooms Halloween Party Treat

The other homemade treats included “Graveyard Cupcakes” (chocolate-frosted cupcakes dipped in black sugar) and “Ooey-Gooey Goodies”. And the rice krispie treats WERE definitely very ooey-gooey because we added lots and lots of extra marshmallows, following this recipe). Sprinkles were an easy way to give them a Halloween twist.

Witches + Skeletons

Even though Witches were the main theme of this party, skeletons played a big role too – especially around the treat station! My favorite piece of decor on this table is the rounded-top wall shelf, which I stumbled on at Marshalls. (Wall shelves with a flat base always make great dessert stands, btw!) This one got dressed up with a snake skeleton and some patterned paper, which I used to line the shelves.

Modern Halloween Dessert Table + Cupcakes

Printables played another big role in the decorations. You can find all of my labels and signs from this party – including this “Hocus Pocus” design – over in Design Hero.

Halloween Mummy Munch Popcorn

The last homemade treat was this “Mummy Munch” popcorn – which is just kettle corn mixed with white candy melts and sprinkles. (You can use butter flavor popcorn, too.) It’s super easy to make, and always a hit with the kids!

Witch Better Have My Candy

I knew I wanted to work this phrase into the candy station somehow… and positioning it next to a skeleton holding a trick-or-treat bucket sounded just right! 😂

Witch Better Have My Candy Halloween Decoration

I ordered the CANDY marquee letters on Amazon. (I went back and forth on which word to light up in marquee letters for this party, but figured “candy” could be used for other occasions beyond Halloween, too!)

This mini candy display was super easy – and very well received! The labels made ALL the difference too. The jars looked so much more fun once they were on! (Again, you can find all of these printables in Design Hero.)

Halloween Candy Jar Labels - Printable

Kids always get excited about donuts, and powdered donut holes (or “Ghost Bites”) always *disappear* quick! 👻

Halloween Donut Hole Ghost Bites

This battery-powered eyeball decoration also added an element of fun. It has a motion sensor, so when people would come up to the table it would pop open and “greet” them. 😉

Dessert Table Ideas 9

A couple more fun decor tips worth mentioning….

The striped green and black “witch leg” vases are actually regular vases that I covered with striped tights. Just cut the feet off the tights and one pair will go a long way! You can cover anything with a cylinder shape.

Halloween Dessert Table Ideas and Signs

Floating witch hats and spooky draped fabric also made a big impact without breaking the bank. I used little clear 3M Command Wall Hooks to attach the fabric to various areas on the wall. (You can remove the hooks after the party without damaging your wall.)

For lots more Modern Witch inspired ideas, make sure to check out the full party!

Kids Halloween Drink Witch's Brew

Witch Halloween Party Printables

Printables are my favorite *secret weapon* for adding unique style to any celebration! Click here to customize my Witch Halloween Party collection for your own party – instantly, online. 🤗

Modern Witch Halloween Party Printables