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In Style Parties (Hardcover)

In Style Parties  (Hardcover)

Author: In Style Magazine

Published by: InStyle (October 11, 2005)


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From the Publisher:
Want to throw an A-list party without spending heaps of time and money? In Style Parties: The Complete Guide to Easy, Elegant Entertaining is the one-stop guide to making every event stylish and personal, and it proves once and for all that entertaining at home can be easy, fabulous, and fun. Organized in three sections, the book includes:

* The basics of party preparation, including what to serve and how to create the perfect atmosphere
* Complete party guides for every occasion, from dinner parties for 8 to cocktail parties for 30
* A listing of the country's top resources for food, drink, and decor, from artisanal cheeses and exotic chocolates to flowers and flatwear

The heart of the book is twenty of the most popular party guides published in In Style magazine over the last five years. Playful themes, fresh and simple recipes, sexy drinks, elegant decor, handy timetables, and a non-stuffy approach make it easy to stay on top of all the little details. Readers can follow the guides closely, mix up elements from different guides to suit their unique vision, or simply use them as inspiration.

With its elegant illustrations and vibrant images of celebrity-studded events, colorful drinks, luscious foods, and sophisticated decor, In Style Parties puts the fun of parties first.