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Fabulous “Not So Spooky” Halloween Birthday Bash

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glittered pumpkin and halloween dessert table

Halloween is just a few days away… and I’m in the mood to hand out some EYE CANDY! I always love seeing what the ladies of the COOP Los Angeles (Juliet & Lucinda) dream up, because it’s guaranteed to bring clever details, fabulous style, and GLITTER GALORE. These are my kind of ladies. ;)

This adorable party happens to be a 4th birthday celebration and kid-friendly Halloween bash wrapped into one. The goal was to channel the “not so spooky” side of Halloween with the look & feel of the party, and I’d say mission accomplished! There’s actually tons of fun inspiration here for all kinds of Halloween celebrations.

Some of my favorite details from this party:

  • Adorable DIY ghosts made from cheesecloth and GIANT googly eyes
  • Glittered mini pumpkins & forks at every place setting + glittered BOO letters
  • The cutest fondant black cat witch cupcake topper, courtesy of Blue Cupcake
  • Awesome “Eye of Newt” party punch with dry ice, floating eyeballs, & an HWTM drink label!
  • GORGEOUS Halloween floral arrangements displayed in skull vases
  • Creepy plastic black snakes adorning drink carafes and champagne flutes

kids halloween birthday bash ideas

DIY Ghost with googly eyes and glittery bottle

giant BOO Halloween balloons and drink table

Halloween birthday party treats for kids

Halloween Party Punch - Eye of Newt with dry ice

Halloween black cat cupcake topper and glittered BOO letters

glam Halloween flower arrangement

Halloween party face painting

Halloween Party Activity - candy corn ball pit

kids Halloween birthday party family

Halloween Birthday Cupcakes and Banner

Party Details, as told by Juliet…

We had a lovely client who wanted a “not so spooky” halloween party for her adorable son.  We love a themed party — and we love to keep things modern and sort of “simple”.  Though most of our “simple” parties require quite a bit of hand making/ painting/ crafting… so they are not so simple after all!

We love a bold modern look to a party at the COOP so rather than go the traditional orange and black and purple that seems to be the most obvious choice for a Halloween, we settled on a bold black and white color scheme – with splashes of gold and orange for accents.  We LOVE how the party turned out.  We used lots of little pumpkins for decor — each place setting has one dipped in gold glitter, painted black with bat wings or painted black and piled on top of each other and made into an “unlucky” black cat.  We love to dress up a plate at the COOP!

We made the 2 large cheesecloth ghosts for the main table (and a couple of small ones for plate decor)  and used skull cups from Oriental Trading as vases on the main table and throughout the party.  We like to get creative with our flowers — and always try to have them match the theme –  which is why we chose those rich dark spooky hues!!!!

The amazing Julie from Blue Cupcake created the perfect (and super delicious) cupcakes to round out the gorgeous main table.

The Happy Birthday banner is from Martha Stewart crafts… I think it was sold as a table runner – we strung it together and added the gold glittered happy birthday letters.  We love how bold it looked against the white and gold ribbon curtain.

Dry ice in a drink container is one of our all time favorite treats (we have used it for alien parties, pirate parties, harry potter parties — it NEVER disappoints!)

The Food table’s main attraction was the giant North Star Balloon BOO letters flanked by the black Raven balloons. Again we went sort of simple outside with a white tablecloth draped in black netting/ cheesecloth material.

We just love how it all turned out and are always pleased to see so many smiling faces at our parties!  We try hard to make chic looking parties that are still super fun for kids… and we think this party was no exception!  Everyone had a blast at this not so spooky Halloween bash!

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  1. @frostedevents October 28, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    Fabulous “Not So Spooky” Halloween Birthday Bash: Hostess with the Mostess®

    Halloween is just a few days awa… https://t.co/P0pQOYsWkc

  2. @GirlyGirlPartea October 28, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    Fabulous “Not So Spooky” Halloween Birthday Bash https://t.co/o3btFBMyCt

  3. @clubwedd October 28, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Fabulous “Not So Spooky” Halloween Birthday Bash: Hostess with the Mostess®

    Halloween is just a few days awa… https://t.co/ljCcWinsWT

  4. Jane October 29, 2016 at 4:27 am

    What a fantastic birthday themed party! It’s always fun picking such a strong theme for a party like this, and getting your guests to get involved by dressing up creatively. No matter what age the guests, Halloween is always a fun theme to get involved in. With all the great costumes, you want to make sure you get lots of snaps! A photobooth can be a great, fun and practical addition to any party.

  5. Elise October 29, 2016 at 9:15 am

    I love the glittery milk bottles!

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