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I’m totally swooning over this gorgeous Pumpkin Harvest Brunch created by Vicky from The City Cradle!

Bundt cakes hanging from the trees, pancakes served in carved-out pumpkins (LOVE!), water bottles adorned in lace… what a sweet way to celebrate the season with loved ones. This would make for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table too…  just swap out the pancakes for a starter like pumpkin soup!

Read on for all the creative details, as told by Vicky, + more gorgeous images, {as captured by Carly Taylor}:

“I recently hosted a sweet fall harvest brunch that was chock full of handcrafted details.  It was a lovely morning to celebrate love and soak in the first morning rays of the fall season.

Using a coffee table, floor cushions and felt blankets, we were nice and cozy for breakfast! The pancakes took on a fall vibe when stacked inside small hollowed-out pumpkins and topped with a heart made from stiffened embroidery thread. Vintage mint serveware added a fresh touch to the warm colors of a harvest gathering.

Along with the pancakes, hard boiled eggs, and fruit, we also served various flavors of bundt cake for a sweet treat. The cakes were suspended on top of upside down hat boxes throughout the tree branches. I have seen so many swings lately that I love, so hanging food with rope seemed like a fun take on that trend. They made such a beautiful display before we cut them down to enjoy!

A homemade crocheted heart doile table runner lined the center of the table. This was a simple project made by cutting out craft store dollies and hand stitching them together. I also covered water bottles in lace to tailor them to the the party theme.

My favorite part of this brunch was the pumpkin mojito bar! I set up a wicker side table underneath a lime tree in the garden to create the bar.” Get all the details on the pumpkin mojito bar right here.