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Glassine bakery sleeves are perfect for holding 1-2 larger cookies and a great choice when you have LOTS of gifts to hand out! They’re available in the baking aisle at most craft/hobby stores, as well as online.

Gift Pretty

You can give these simple bags a fancy-schmancy makeover with easy embellishments like paper and washi tape! For this example, I chose washi tape with a gold foil design + bold black/white/yellow holiday printables. I also used the top part of my free printable North Pole and Magic of the Season gift tags to some of them.

The washi tape is great for adding stripes and patterns to the glassine sleeves – or as shiny “trunks” for mod paper trees, as pictured here:

I had some mini gold styrofoam balls on hand (leftover from another holiday packaging project) and decided to use them as “tree toppers”! You could also use regular craft poms for this.

Cookie Recommendation:

You can serve any favorite holiday cookie in these crafty sleeves! I thought shortbread cookies with “fork tip impressions” looked especially chic with this color palette, though. 😉