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wizard of oz birthday party cake

Lions, and tigers, and bears… oh my CUTENESS!  This fantastic Wizard of Oz Party is overflowing with creative details and activities inspired by the classic film… there’s even a “tornado” hanging over the kids table! I also love that the two birthday girls helped mom – Jennifer of Double the Fun Parties – dream up all these clever ideas for their birthday party. Sounds like party planning just might run in the genes. ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • “Lollipop Guild Candy Shoppe” with yellow brick road backdrop & tissue daisy rainbow
  • Tin Man crafts, rainbow bead necklace making, & a visit with “Professor Marvel”
  • “Ruby Red” cake pops and adorable fondant movie characters
  • Table centerpiece: Dorothy’s house + the infamous Wicked Witch of the East’s legs
  • Photo booth with “character hats” for the kids (Glinda crown, Scarecrow hat, Lion’s mane & more!)

wizard of oz birthday party dessert table

wizard of oz rainbow candy dessert table

wizard of oz party table centerpiece - minature house on wicked witch

wizard of oz party place settings and kids birthday table

wizard of oz party activities - tin man crafts and rainbow necklaces

wizard of oz birthday cake

wizard of oz sweets table with yellow brick road backdrop

wizard of oz red ruby lollipops

wizard of oz birthday party with a rainbow pinata

wizard of oz birthday party ideas

wizard of oz birthday party rainbow sweets

wizard of oz yellow brick road

wizard of oz birthday party melt the wicked witch

wizard of oz birthday party professor marvel costume

wizard of oz birthday party scarecrow

wizard of oz birthday party photo booth

wizard of oz somewhere over the rainbow print


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jennifer

My girls have loved The Wizard of Oz for years now, which sounds silly to say when they are only seven, but it’s the truth. So when I tossed out some birthday party ideas to them, a Wizard of Oz theme was the clear winner. The only problem was narrowing down our ideas to just one party! The girls and I watched the movie with legal tablets and pencils to jot down the most iconic moments. Meg wanted to paint someone green… I rejected that idea. We decided on a dessert table in the dining room and activities and a candy bar in the playroom.

Downstairs, we made tin men and rainbow bead necklaces. (I saved a lot of soup cans!) The girls wrote what they would ask the Wizard for in picture frames that I decorated with gingham paper and felt poppies from Little Boo Creations.

They also got to visit Professor Marvel – the girls’ Uncle Ray, who was an incredibly good sport to wear a turban with a broach!

They visited a photo booth with the most wonderful character “hats” from Peas & Thank Yous. Jill created a Witch hat, Glinda crown, Dorothy’s pigtails, Scarecrow hat, Tin Man hat, and Lion’s mane. I can’t even tell you how beautiful these are in person!

The girls visited the Lollipop Guild Candy Shoppe and got to choose from rainbow colored candies. The backdrop of the candy bar was a yellow brick pattern. In front of the bricks, I created a rainbow out of paper fans, and added two bluebirds. I used a few Melissa & Doug yellow bricks to elevate some of the apothecary jars.

Go to upstairs for cake, the girls had to capture the witch’s broom. They “melted” me with a bucket of tinsel garland, captured my broom and won their trip to the dessert table!

Our guests drank Wicked Witch Punch and ate Yellow Brick Road Bars (lemon bars), Ruby Red Cake Pops, and Technicolor Treats (frosted brownies). USPS let us down and didn’t deliver our very pretty sugar cookie Witch Hats and Glinda Crowns from Sweet Dough. But, our wonderful cake pop lady, Cake Pops by Jen, surprised us with candied pretzels! We filled in with those and chocolate chip cookies.

Our cake was the now classic rainbow cake originated by Whisk Kid via Martha Stewart. My favorite thing was that Brittany of Edible Details created fondant cake toppers of Dorothy and friends, the yellow brick road, and the Wicked Witch of the East’s legs.

The dessert table featured food labels from Loralee Lewis, with a design based on the 1939 UK movie poster. I also included details from the movie: Miss Gulch’s bicycle, the Witch’s hourglass, Dorothy’s suitcase, and bluebirds. Our backdrop was more blue gingham and from that we hung a stunning print of Somewhere Over the Rainbow from Sugar Fresh. The frame was created just for this print and party by my friend Juliet of Quite a Pair Keepsakes.

On the table, I layered blue gingham placemats with white chargers and red glass dessert plates. Our red napkins were wrapped in blue gingham paper. A yellow table runner was topped with Dorothy’s house, a smashed witch, and a tornado. I used tin cans to hold poppies that were secured with heart-shaped marbles and tied with yellow ribbon.

Amy of Custom Creations sewed the sweet gingham and ruby slipper chair covers. They just tie on with red grosgrain ribbon. I had the birthday girls’ chair covers embroidered with their names to mark their places of honor.

Our final activity was a rainbow piñata. I stuffed it with rainbow bracelets, glitter balls, and erasers – but no candy; we’d had our fill of sweets!

The girls took home their Tin Man crafts, Wizard frames and yellow buckets of candy and piñata loot. Our goody bag was a gingham tin lunch box. Inside, each box had rainbow bubbles, heart necklace, rainbow hair elastics, poppy barrette from Little Boo Creations, and a Glinda wand.

The exclusive Double the Fun Parties Wizard of Oz Party Plan is available in our shop here for just $19!

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