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“Flamingo Pool Float” Cookie Pudding Cups

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flamingo party desserts

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If you’re looking for the new star of your flamingo party or pool party dessert table… I have just the thing!

These Flamingo Pool Float Pudding Cups are easy to make and guaranteed to delight both kids and kids-at-heart. ;)

These are sugar cookies dipped in smooth pink icing and sitting on top of a vanilla pudding snack that’s tinted blue to represent “pool water”. The flamingo head/neck is actually a plastic spoon wrapped in pink pipe cleaners. So kids or party guests can use the spoon to eat the pudding and also dip the sugar cookie in it if they’d like.

They do require a few different steps – but they’re all relatively quick, and nothing you need to be a pro to attempt. You can also make these treats even faster by using store-bought cookie dough that you just roll and bake.

flamingo party spoons



You’ll Need:

  • vanilla pudding snack cups
  • sugar cookie dough (OR soft round sugar cookies that won’t break when you use a cookie cutter on them)
  • circle cookie cutters in 2 sizes (largest should be slightly bigger than the diameter of the snack cup lid)
  • smooth icing
  • pink and blue food coloring
  • sprinkles (optional)
  • plastic spoons
  • pink and black pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun, scissors


1. Use a circle cookie cutter to cut holes out of round sugar cookies, then cut the wing shapes from the portion of each cookie that was removed… so both the wings and the “float ring” come from the same cookie. You can use sugar cookie dough that’s been cut into circles OR store-bought sugar cookies, as long as they’re soft and chewy/pliable.
2. The sugar cookie icing recipe only has 4 ingredients: powdered sugar, corn syrup, milk, food coloring. Tint the icing pink, then dip the cookie “float rings” and “wings” upside down in the frosting. Add sprinkles to the wings while the frosting is still wet. It should dry smooth and kind of shiny/glossy like a pool float!
3. Use small dabs of icing to secure the flamingo wings to the “float tube”. Peel the lid off each pudding snack, and tint the icing blue, then place the “cookie float” on top so that the “water” peeks through the middle.

flamingo pool float dessert

For the flamingo head and neck:

1. Fold a pink pipe cleaner in half and place it along the handle of the spoon, leaving a couple inches hanging over the end of the handle.
2. Use your fingers to bend/shape the part that hangs over into a curve, and loop it around once in a circular fashion once to make the “head” look more substantial.
3. Use 2 more pipe cleaners to secure the head to the handle by wrapping them tightly around both.
4. Last but not least, cut a small piece of black pipe cleaner and fold it in half to form the “beak”. Hot glue the beak to the head.


P.S. Find lots more flamingo party ideas and inspiration in the archives!

PIN this flamingo cookies recipe to try it later!

Flamingo Pool Float Party Desserts

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  1. Marta February 7, 2020 at 1:46 am

    Hi Jenn,

    Thank you for sharing the recipe for flamingo pool float cookie pudding cups. Kids and adults will surely love this. This can also be added to the activities of the party.


    Marta of Partituki

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