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Football Referee Beverage Tub + Helmet Toppers

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DIY Football Referee Beverage Tub + Bottles with Mini Helmets

If you’re looking for a fun way to deck out your game day drink station, I’ve got just the thing!

This Football Referee Beverage Bucket is super easy to create using removable duct tape. That means no mess or waiting for paint to dry, PLUS your party tub can easily get back to normal for future use too. Win-win!

And since this fun DIY is part of my partnership with Coca-Cola this year, I couldn’t resist filling the tub with Coca-Cola bottles that came to play. 😉 How cute are these mini helmets?!

Coca-Cola Bottles with Mini Football Helmets


The first thing you’ll need for this project is a black party tub/bucket. I bought this one on Amazon and love that it has a bottle opener built into the front!

You’ll also need:

  • white duct tape
  • yellow duct tape
  • craft knife + cutting mat
  • straight-edge ruler

1. First, measure out a white duct tape stripe that can be used as the guide for your other stripes. I measured by placing the tape on the bucket and using a craft knife to slice it off at the rim of the bucket. As always, please be careful when using the sharp blade!

DIY Referee Beverage Bucket Tutorial

2. Remove the first stripe, and place it on your cutting mat to use as a guide for all the other stripes. Then, place them on and around the bucket at equal distances.

DIY Referee Beverage Bucket Tutorial

3. After the stripes are on, add yellow “penalty flags” to the handles to give it even more football flair! I folded a long piece of yellow duct tape around each handle, then cut the bottom of each one into a triangle shape, (as shown in the close-up view on the opening image). Done!


I love pretty much anything mini, and these little football helmet bottle toppers are one of my new favorite things! They’re actually toy helmet “pencil toppers” that I spray painted gold & silver. Each helmet easily comes apart and goes back together, so I was able to paint the facemasks a different color (silver).

It still felt like the helmets needed a little something after they were painted, so I added small duct tape stripes down the center:

Mini Football Helmets Tutorial

The stripes were about 2″ long, so I found it quickest to measure out one 2″ long piece of tape on the cutting mat at a time, then slice that piece into the skinny stripes, using a straight edge ruler and craft knife, as shown above.

That’s it! Once you’re done with the mini helmets, just pop them onto your Coke bottles for a playful conversation starter at the party.

Easy Door Prize Idea:

You can also put small stickers inside a couple of the helmets for a creative way to give away door prizes. Just make sure the stickers are completely hidden inside and only visible when the helmet is removed!

Of course, you can also have some fun with the presentation of your bottles… like my husband did here. 😜

Black and White Referee Striped Party Tub + Player Bottles

Football Play Inspired Backdrop

And for a creative backdrop idea to put behind your drink station, check out my Football Pass Play Inspired Wall Backdrop tutorial. It’s made from mini foil balloon letters, a shower curtain, and white labeling tape. 😊

Football Party Drink Station Ideas - Coca-Cola Bottles

The referee-inspired football party fun doesn’t stop here! Check out these homemade Referee-Inspired Pudding Pops that are… drumroll please… chock full of OREO Cookies. 😋

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Coca-Cola and NABISCO for this post. As always, the content and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make it possible for us to keep the creative content coming!

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