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Free Printable Holiday Cards for Parents

I was in the holiday section at my favorite store the other day – shopping for this project in fact! – when I overheard a very timely conversation.

First, a mom was talking to her teenage daughter. I only walked in at the tail end of their conversation, but instantly recognized the tension in its tone, then heard the daughter’s footsteps as she stormed off to another aisle.

A few seconds later is the part that made me smile.

Another mom peeked her head around the corner and said to the first mom, “I just HAVE to tell you that I have a teenage daughter too, and that conversation sounded exactly like us! I’m so glad it’s not just me.

That last part really struck a chord.


Isn’t that just SO TRUE, you guys? Parenting is tough, and we often wonder if we’re even doing it right, especially when sassy attitudes, stretched-to-the-max nerves, and sheer exhaustion come into play.

That’s why it’s so appreciated – and a big RELIEF – to hear that we’re not alone in these feelings and that maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves about every bump in the road!

On that note, I’m excited to be teaming up with Minute Maid on their #doingood campaign (and a holiday contest!) right now – to encourage the spreading of some extra holiday joy, specifically to PARENTS! Wanna know a super-easy way to accomplish this? Simply TELLING THEM something you love, admire, or respect about them. There’s really so much power in a few unexpected and heartfelt words.

Minute Maid #doingood holiday campaign

Free Printable #doingood Holiday Cards

To make spreading the joy easier – and a bit more festive! – I designed a set of holiday-inspired #doingood cards that you can download for free and customize with a handwritten message…

free printable encouragement cards for parents

There are four different card designs, and each one is available in two formats: Flat Notecards & Folded Cards.

modern printable holiday cards

I know that parenting isn’t a “seasonal” job, but the holidays can be an especially hectic time of year for moms and dads, who often (eagerly) take on extra time and money stressors in an effort to create holiday magic for their kids.

Personally, work is always extra demanding for me at this time of year, so my “working mom guilt” also kicks into high gear. I try to counteract these feelings by getting creative with the time I do have and involving my (4 and 6-year-old) daughters in some of my simpler work project tasks – like sorting craft supplies, baking, “taste-testing” recipes, etc. They were more than happy to “taste test” the fruit punch for this one! LOL ;)

BTW, if you want to turn your #doingood message into a thoughtful gift, these notecards work great as oversize “gift tags”, too:

free printable #doingood cards

Hope you’re able to put some of these cards to use and help spread the #doingood joy! As someone that struggles with getting my kids to stay in bed, the “Silent Night” design is my personal fav. Do you know anyone that can relate?! ;)

free printable funny card for parents

P.S. Last but not least – don’t forget to enter our #doingood Holiday Contest for your chance to WIN a $500 prize!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Minute Maid. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that make it possible for me to keep the creative content coming your way!