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Holiday Blanket Gift Basket Idea

Here’s a creative holiday gift basket idea that won’t break the bank! Look for plush/luxe blankets at home discount stores… I found this INSANELY SOFT blue and white striped blanket at Tuesday Morning for $16.99. Then bundle each blanket with a bottled beverage and edible treat that you know the recipient will love to create an “Eat, Drink, and Be COZY” themed gift for them!

Of course, you’ll need a printable tag with that sentiment to pull everything together. Luckily you can download mine for free below. ;)

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Printable Holiday Gift Tags - Eat, Drink & Be Cozy

Free Printable Holiday Gift TAgs

Holiday Gift Basket Idea with Plush Blanket

P.S. I found the vintage drawer box used to hold everything at Tuesday Morning too. Isn’t it pretty?! And this way the container becomes a useful part of the gift too.

Happy Holidays! :)