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It’s sunny and beautiful in San Diego today and the weather is making me want to post about something bright – so I thought I’d share a few images with you from an orange-citrus themed bridal shower I recently hosted for my friend Sarah – featuring the bride-to-be’s favorite color.

For some reason the color orange seems to be overlooked a lot in the baby and bridal shower arena – but if you’re looking for something new – a palette of oranges and yellows provides a very cheery atmosphere! Here are a few ways I incorporated the colors into this particular theme:

1. Citrus Vase: You’ll need 2 clear glass vases – one of which is about 1/2″ smaller than the other in diameter. Place the smaller vase inside the larger one, then slice a bunch of oranges into circular disks, and drop them in the gap formed between the edges of the 2 vases. Finally, insert a tight flower bunch into the inside vase. Voila!

2. Citrus Centerpiece – Simply fill a large white bowl with a bunch of fresh oranges and tuck white flowers into the gaps between the oranges for embellishment. To add more height, turn a white bowl upside-down and set the larger bowl on top of it (so it becomes almost like a cake-stand). The white bowls seen in this image are both from IKEA – for less than $5 each.

3. Orange Tabletop – This was quite a large shower, so shelling out the dough for 30 orange placemats wasn’t exactly in the budget. Instead, I bought a package of orange dinner-sized paper napkins from Party City, opened them up and folded one side down part way to make them standard placemat-size. Place the napkin fold-side down on the table.

4. Mod Napkin “Rings” – For a twist on the standard napkin ring – and a fun, affordable option, simply roll up paper napkins and tie patterned ribbon around them to secure.

5. Mimosas, of course! We toasted to the bride-to-be with the classic champagne/orange juice cocktail (fresh-squeezed is best!) – and embellished the glasses with an orange wedge. Since I like to entertain often, I sprung for actual glasses that I could use again later ($10/4 at target) – but you can also get clear plastic champagne glasses at most party supply stores.

Hope you find some inspiration for your next party here!