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3 Christmas Trees Shirt Modern DIY

So… I’ve been seeing different versions of the “3 Christmas Trees” shirt all over the place this year and thought it would be fun to make a super modern version of it using my Cricut!

I’m a huge fan of the color blocked and geometric styles, so my brain went instantly there. If you love those styles too, then this version of “3 trees” should be right up your alley as well. 😉

I’ve got this project saved in Design Space, and you can access and customize it right here.

Of course, swap out the name and colors/patterns however you want! I used my HWTM Modern Mountaineer Patterned Iron-On Sampler here. (sheesh, that’s a mouthful!) 😆

Cricut Iron-On Christmas Trees

The first thing you’ll need to do is cut trees in 3 different sizes and patterns. (The sizes are already set up for you in Design Space.) Next, cut the metallic foil accents.  I got to this point with the design then noticed something…

Layered Iron-On Pine Trees Tutorial

Personalize it!

What I noticed here is that I liked the design, BUT it also just felt like a design that we might have purchased somewhere. 🤔 And the whole point of the Cricut is to make things PERSONAL! ❤️

So, I went back to the project canvas and added a name. I was already making this for my daughter anyways, so I added her name below the “merry”. (You can adjust the font style and size of the name as needed.) The font I used here is called “Papercute”.

Personalized Christmas Tree Shirt Tutorial

I also added a mustache to one of the trees, because Macy loves to be silly/funny. This extra detail made the shirt feel WAY more “her”. And again – you can easily remove or swap out the mustache in Design Space to personalize things just for you. ❤️

Cricut Kids Christmas Shirt Design

Macy wore the shirt to “cozy & warm” day at school last week – and yes we know the hat doesn’t match at all. 😆

But it was a crazy week of madness in general. We were basically “frantic digging” through every bin/drawer that morning to find a winter hat and scarf at all. (Plus snap a pic of her in the shirt so I could share it with you here + make it out the door by 8:01 am max!)

There was a holiday “dress up” day like this every single day at school last week. 🤯 It’s honestly a miracle that we “kind of” scraped up outfits for 3 out of 5 of them! 🤪#icallitawin