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gingerbread hot cocoa cookie garnishes

If you’re dreaming of cozy hot drinks and gingerbread houses Andressa of Twinkle Twinkle Little Party has a holiday party that while tickle your tastebuds! She had a genius idea to throw a Sweet Gingerbread House Decorating Party so the kids could play while the moms could have a chance to chat. From her hot cocoa bar with amazing gingerbread house cookie garnishes by Dream Cakes to the edible gingerbread play dough this party has amazing creativity and tons of inspiration for all you’re seasonal gingerbread cravings!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Mini gingerbread men holding gum drops in mint chocolate dipped spoons
– Kid’s decorating station with red aprons & chef hats
– Edible gingerbread play dough & gingerbread men cookie cutters
– Polka dot sprinkled holiday cake (to match the adorable party printables)!
– Christmas tree, hot cocoa mugs & cute snowman face cake pops

hot cocoa treat bags

gingerbread decorating party

christmas cakepops

gingerbread holiday party

powder blue macarons

gingerbread spoons

holiday cake

gingerbread party cake

gingerbread play dough

gingerbread house decorating party

hot cocoa bar

gingerbread cookie hot chocolate garnish

gingerbread album


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Andressa

My friends and I wanted to get together before Chritmas so we could enjoy some few hours chatting and the kids could play. Why not throw a mini Holiday party so we could all spend some quality time together then? I thought organizing a Gingerbread House Decorating Party would be such a fun idea!

First, we were going to throw the party indoors, but here in Florida, we spend so much time indoors during the Summer due to the humidity and warm weather, so we changed plans when we found out it was going to be a perfect, beautiful day!


Besides the dresser I used to display the sweets and a small side table for the hot cocoa bar, I also decided to add a chair (with a throw) – I placed a tray with a hot cocoa mug on it to make the decor look a little cozier.


I wanted to keep it simple yet festive, something that would absolutely excite the kids (and the parents too!) The table consisted of:

– Gingerbread pudding cups decorated with gingerbread man cookies
– Gingerbread man cookies I placed in a red cookie jar
– A tall festive cake; my cake artist did exactly what I was looking for. A simple, fun yet elegant cake inspired by the polka dot pattern I used to design the printables.
– Gourmet Coconut Delight Brigadeiros
– Cake Pops (a mix of gingerbread houses, snowman & christmas trees)
– Chocolate Covered Oreos
– Amazing cupcakes with mini gingerbread houses (also made by my cake artist) toppers – just beautiful! The smell was absolutely amazing!


My cake artist also designed mini gingerbread houses for the hot cocoa mugs. We had mugs in 3 different colors: red, green and blue to coordinate perfectly with the decor. I absolutely fell in love with them! I also made mint chocolate dipped spoons and placed a mini gingerbread man on each one of them. Too cute! Other toppings were also available such as: mint chocolate crunch and marshmallows.


The kids were ecstactic about the station and couldn’t wait to start working on their houses. They even had the perfect outfits on – red aprons and chef hats. Too adorable! I don’t even have to mention how excited they were about them, right?

Each kid had an assigned seat with a gingerbread house, a gable box filled with candies, a bag of icing, a jar of edible gingerbread play dough (which by the way smells soo delicious!) and a gingerbread man cutter. They all had a great time! It was a day filled with activities and festive yummy food. It was a fun day indeed!



– Photography: Bia Schaefer Designer
– Event styling & printables: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party
– Cake, mini gingerbread houses and cupcakes: Dream Cakes
– Gingerbread man cookies: Faith’s Cookies
– Cake pops: Island Girl Cakes
– Gourmet Brigadeiros: I Love Brigadeiro
– Fabric bunting: Sweet Handmades by Fabi
– Edible Gingerbread Play Dough: Fancy and Fold