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Black and Gold Halloween Dinner Party

Hey, there! I’m excited to share this Midnight Magic Halloween Dinner Party – and girls night in 🍷🍷🍷 – with you!  Read on for details & helpful tips on how you can recreate this look…

1. So Easy to Blend, It’s *Scary*

For this party, I mixed pops of turquoise blue into a glam black, white, & gold palette. While turquoise isn’t a “standard” Halloween color, incorporating it made the theme blend in easily with my regular home decor. (It drives me NUTS when party decor clashes with the other things in the room. I usually end up “hiding” all the stuff that doesn’t match!) 🤓 😂

Of course, you can easily swap the turquoise out for whatever accent color works best for you.

And because the turquoise was already in my regular decor (via wall art, fabrics, etc), the “party decor” additions could be very subtle, like a strategic bottle here and there…

Glam Halloween Centerpiece Idea

2. Define Your Theme (Create Guidelines)

This is a step I do with EVERY event I design or host. All the creative “possibilities” can get super overwhelming, fast. Simply creating some general guidelines for yourself to stick to + mapping out a few key details that you definitely want makes the planning process more managable.

Here are my guidelines for this “Midnight Magic” theme:

Vibe: Classy, Spooky, Glam, Modern
Colors: Black, White, Gold, Turquoise
Main Elements: Midnight Magic Printables, Skeletons, Glass Bottles, Bats, Metallic Accents (sequins, glitter, gold paint)


  • Personalized coffin-shaped menus at each place setting
  • Mix of glass bottles & skulls/skeletons as centerpieces
  • Combo of traditional & monochromatic skeletons (painted bright white, gold)
  • Colony of bats suspended from the ceiling
  • Elegant signs & paper details – lots of black with high contrast graphics

Glam Skulls Halloween Table

Theme Inspiration: I instantly fell in love with one of the Halloween decor collections at JOANN this year – it was an elegant and dramatic black & gold theme. The “Crematorium” sign above my fireplace (pictured below) is what inspired me to go with this look.

3. Use Printables to Add Creative Detail

I designed a pretty extensive paper collection to match the vibe of the inspiration piece! My Midnight Magic theme features moody backgrounds, simple “sketch style” graphics, and accents of metallic gold.

The coffin-shaped menus are probably my favorite detail, and almost every piece in this theme can be customized! I really wanted this collection to be super versatile so it could work for Halloween themed birthdays, engagement parties, etc. as well.

Blue Halloween Party Punch

4. Spiked Shipwreck Punch (Signature Drink)

I couldn’t resist buying a couple of Mermaid Skeletons for our growing collection of Halloween skeletons of all sorts (mammals, humans, reptiles, etc). Somehow I forgot to take full pictures of the mermaids 🤦‍♀️ – but basically, they are just what you’d envision. I also spray-painted the tails turquoise and gold to highlight their mermaid tails.

This inspired me to go with kind of a “haunted shipwreck angle” for our signature drink. (Get the Shipwreck Punch RECIPE Here.) The skeleton mermaids and some fishnets were hanging overhead, and I had a great excuse to serve a drink in my blue accent color. ;)

Glam Halloween Drink Sign

Pictured above is another one of the customizable signs. It says “Spooky & Spirited SIPS” but you can change it to say anything! It could make a fun activity station sign or display the birthday girl’s name, etc.

5. Front Door Magic

Speaking of names… I thought this would be a fun and unexpected way for guests to be greeted!

Custom Halloween Party Door Sign

I always love a good door sign – it shows people they’re in the right place and sets the tone for fun times inside. But this is the first time I’ve actually put GUEST names on it! The names can also be removed from this sign so it’s more “general”, but it was easy to personalize it for a small get-together like this one.

Here’s that Crematorium sign I mentioned above… isn’t it pretty?! (Never thought I’d say that about this kind of sign lol 😆)

Black and Gold Halloween Fireplace Ideas

6. Display Spooky & Surprising Decor

This “haunted photo frame” is from Michaels and is one of a set of 4 I found there. It reminds me of the Disney Haunted Mansion where all the pictures change as you move. These were a big hit with both kids and adults!

Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

Some of the skeletons were also arranged in creative ways. This was more subtle, but some people did pick up on it! The main skeleton was “petting” a dog skeleton – which had a spray painted (human skeleton) bone in it’s mouth. Near those 2, a watchful cat skeleton was positioned as “ready to pounce” on the mouse skeleton above it! 😂

Halloween Skeleton with Skeleton Dog Pet

7. Hang Bats from the Ceiling

Overhead decor makes such a big impact, so I always hang lightweight elements from the ceiling when it’s fitting. And what could be more fitting for Halloween than a colony of bats?! 🦇

I found these sparkly bats on Amazon. Gotta admit the tediousness of knotting & tying 3 strands of fishing wire onto every single bat was frustrating to an impatient person like myself. At least the ROI of time was worth it in the end! They look awesome and we’ve had them hanging over our dining table AND our kitchen island for a full month now. ✨

Eat Drink and Be Scary Sign

8. Set an (affordable) Spooky-Glam Table

Including myself, there were 10 people at this dinner party. This is too many to fit comfortably at our regular dining table, so I added a small 48″ round and covered it with a black sequin linen (from Amazon).

The black dinner plates are from Target. They’re sturdy plastic, but reusable and were only .79 cents each! Marbled napkins, gold plastic utensils, and printable paper details (coffin menus, personalized place cards) completed the elegant-yet-inexpensive look. The gold pattern lowball glasses are from World Market.

Glam Halloween Table Black Sequins

9. Customize It! (Place Cards & Menus)

These tent cards can be used as food labels or place cards, as shown here. The text on these is editable/movable on my website – so I moved the small line of text to the top and changed it to some playful wording to go with the theme. ;)

Same with the coffin-shaped menus… which are available in a white or black background. I recommend going with the color that best contrasts your plates (or whatever the menus are sitting on).

Printable Coffin Menus for Halloween

10. No Tricks, Just TREATS

This is Halloween… can’t forget the sweets! We had Death by Chocolate Cake with black icing + a few easy storebought treats with creative names.

Glam Halloween Treat Sign

Both the sign (above) and the triangle labels (below) are customizable. And treat names are such a fun place to get creative!

For example: Donut Holes = “Shrunken Heads” and Kettle Corn sprinkled with black sesame seeds instantly becomes “Bewitched”. 😉👻

Halloween Candy Jar Labels

11. Take-Home Treats

Last but not least, consider a sweet send-off! 🥂 Well… sweet and slightly disturbing in this case. That single eyeball in the middle of the hand and bug just adds the perfect amount of creep, right? 😱 🤣

Personalized Halloween Gift Tags

These customizable gift tags can be used for so many fun things, though… party favors, a Halloween hostess gift, BOO Baskets, and more. Both lines of text are customizable, so you can also say “Happy Halloween” or something else instead of “Cheers”.

Added: For more creative Halloween inspiration, check out my Modern Witch Party or visit the Halloween Archives.