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Gold & Glitzy Holiday Fiesta {Olé!}

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Sauza Sparkling Fiesta by HWTM for the Holidays with a gold pinata and margaritas

Bust out the glittered maracas & the twinkle lights, and let’s get ready to FIESTA! I just love this time of year and all the fun parties that come with it, so I was super excited to work with Sauza® on creating this Gold & Glitzy Holiday Fiesta that was inspired by their new {and delicious!} Sparkling Margaritas, which come in Original Lime, Wild Berry, and Mango Peach.

My goal was to create a glam holiday party with a spicy fiesta twist that had lots of gold, sparkle, and some traditional Mexican touches. A few more than willing friends joined me in celebrating with tasty treats, sparkling margaritas and a fun DIY photo booth

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Glitter-Blocked Limes, Mini Glittered “Burros” & Gold Spray Painted Chili Peppers
  • Rhinestone-embellished Champagne Flutes + Glittered Shot Glasses
  • DIY Gold Piñatas with Tissue Paper Flowers, Sequined Bridles and Gold Polka Dot Burlap Blankets!
  • Black & Gold Glittered Maraca Garland, Gold Spray Painted Sombrero & Glittered “SALUD” Letters
  • {Easy} Mylar Fringe Photo Booth with Gold Maracas, Tissue Paper Flower Hair Clips and Mini Guitar Props!

Sauza Sparkling Margarita Mixers for the holidays of a fiesta

The food, drinks and desserts served at a Sauza Sparkling Holiday Fiesta by HWTM

HWTM party printable for sauza fiesta and gold pinata with mustache

HWTM hosted a fiesta for sauza and served sauza margaritas in champagne flutes

sauza fiesta maracas garland, salud and gold sombrero

HWTM party printables for sauza fiesta and mexican photo booth

DIY sparkly decor with gold limes, mason jars, pinatas and champagne flutes

the best mexican burritos for the sauza holiday fiesta with pom-pom sticks

floral decorations in mexican cans, gold chevron stripes, succulents, gold chili peppers and ornaments

a gold tinsel garland on the stair's banister for a fiesta

glittered chili pepper garland and other gold decorations for the sauza fiesta by HWTM

DIY gold painted and decorated pinata and glitter frame with HWTM party printable

DIY glittered and rhinestone shot glasses for sauza's holiday fiesta

glittery sauza fiesta decorations with fairy twinkle lights and gold maracas by HWTM

the tequila bar at the fiesta used sauza tequila and sparkling mixers - cheers!

sauza's sparkling mixers were shown on display at the champagne bar with diy glitter flutes

Gold & Glitzy Holiday Fiesta – The Creative Details



Drink Display: To showcase our Sparkling Margarita options, I thought it would be cute to stage them up on a wooden crate with an open white frame. To add a little warmth and color, I strung a colorful DIY ball garland across the frame & wrapped twinkle lights around the crate.

Rhinestone-Rimmed Champagne Flutes: I’ve mentioned before that I am obsessed with the sticky rhinestone strips from Michaels — they are such an easy way to “glam up” just about anything! So of course I had to add some extra SPARKLE to our glasses with these little guys.

Tabletop: We covered the table with some gold sequined fabric that we found hiding in the warehouse, DIY glitter-block limes, succulents, twinkle lights, eclectic Mexican soda bottles and cans with floral arrangements, and a “Help Yourself to a Little Holiday Sparkle” arrow sign.

Backdrop: We turned our kitchen window blinds into the “backdrop” for this one! They got all decked out with gold paper pinwheels, glittery multi-color circle garlands & mini gold piñatas {if there is ever a gold spray paint shortage, you probably can blame me}! ;)


Glitter & Rhinestone Shot Glasses: It’s no secret that we are obsessed with glitter over here. Naturally, we had to glitter up our tequila bar somehow. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to glitter the shot glasses, since I didn’t really want them forever glittery. Great news, though – the glitter washed off no problem…! So I guess the take away message here is to never second-guess your glittering. Ever. Although I wouldn’t recommend this technique for your grandmother’s china. ;)

Salt Shakers: No tequila bar is complete without salt & lime! To add a little color to our golden glitter bar, we embellished our shakers with colorful Washi tape.

Tabletop & Backdrop: Chevron paper table runner, pink tissue paper flowers, gold Mylar fringe backdrop, holiday ornaments, Mexican soda bottle vase, and gold glitter frame with our own “Eat, Drink, & Be Festive” printable sign.


Centerpiece: My absolute favorite elements of this entire fiesta is are our friendly little DIY Gold Piñatas! When looking for party inspiration, I ran across this tutorial, which I just could not resist. I purchased two piñatas from Amazon, which we promptly spray painted and embellished with a tissue paper mane & tail, tissue paper flowers, a sequined bridle, and of course the cute little polka dot burlap blanket & beaded fringe booties!

Aside from the piñata show stopper, the table was decorated with gold glittered “FIESTA” letters, glitter filled holiday ornaments, succulents, glitter-block limes, mini burros, twinkle lights & flowers. Oh, and food – lots of delicious food…

Food: Grilled Chicken & Steak Burritos with sparkly pom-pom toppers, Duck Tacos with Tomato-Cilantro Sauce & Salted Caramel Cupcakes with Mini Churro Toppers {YUM}!

Drinks: Even though we had quite an assortment of delicious Sparkling Margaritas & fiery tequila shots, I thought it would be best to soften up our drink menu with some non-alcoholic alternatives :) So in between the fun stuff, we had lime-infused water & a really taste watermelon-mint punch with a twist of lime. The punch was super tasty and will probably be making quite a few more appearances in the future!


We painted and glittered everything from real chili peppers and 2 sizes of maracas to wooden letters, piñatas, & more! Jacque made the most adorable “glam-ed up” sombrero that I think deserves a separate DIY feature of its own. In a nutshell, the house was overflowing with glitter-block limes, golden chili peppers, glitter filled ball ornaments, twinkle lights, and a whole lot of Mylar Fringe Garland as backdrops and stair bannister decor.

Amber made some really cute floral arrangements with an eclectic assortment of Mexican soda bottles & food cans, which I just love. I also created some cute garlands out of glittered {fake} chili peppers & maracas! Did I mention that we used glitter? ;)


If I’ve learned anything in my years of event planning, it’s that photo booths are always the life of the party – so I couldn’t pass up this golden opportunity! We created a really simple backdrop with more of that lovely golden Mylar Fringe Garland. As for props, we used our gold sombrero, some tiny gold maracas, mini guitars & tissue paper flower hair clips. Our little piñata pals even made a guest appearances. :D

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  1. Amy Belle Isle December 6, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Now I want to change my entire Christmas party theme and serve these and paint peppers. Love this so much!

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  3. Anne Jones June 12, 2014 at 5:56 am

    How did you make the bigger, shiny, gold pinatas? I am planning a golden birthday celebration/fiesta at the moment and that would be perfect!

  4. Lynet Witty November 10, 2014 at 7:15 am

    Oh my goodness! Where did you get that sequin table cloth and the gold mylar background? Also, I loved the glittered burrito and limes! Such a glitzy beautiful fiesta!

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