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DIY first birthday chalkboard sign and highchair decor

As most new parents know, babies’ favorite time to be wide awake just happens to be at the crack of dawn ;). So when you’ve got a sleepy (sometimes cranky) baby in the evenings, a “Good Morning Sunshine” Breakfast First Birthday Party is the perfect solution! Beautifully photographed by Brittany of Moncrief Photography and stylishly put together by the birthday boy’s mom, this party is a great example of how you can skip the same old bowl of granola and make breakfast a truly enjoyable experience for your guests. :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Traditional breakfast food like berry & yogurt parfaits, doughnut holes & mini french toast & maple syrup cups
  • Homemade chalkboard first year sign + DIY twine and mini bunting wreath & simple twine wrapped milk bottles
  • Lots of homemade rag-tie bunting & sunny birthday banners + sunny yellow frosted cupcakes
  • Banana & blueberry topped mini pancake skewers + mini chicken & waffle skewers

banana and blueberry topped mini pancake skewers

DIW twine, mini bunting and sun wreath

breakfast or brunch party food ideas

simple twine wrapped milk bottles

sunshine first birthday high chair

mini birthday cake bunting

yellow, orange and blue birthday party decor

mini chicken and waffle skewers

breakfast birthday party ideas

sunshine themed party favors


PARTY DETAILS as told by Konnor’s Mom

When I started planning Konnor’s 1st birthday party, I struggled with deciding on a date/time that would be best for him (and his nap schedule) and also weighing in all of our close friends’ and family’s busy schedules. I was having dinner with our friends one night when one of them mentioned having just gone to a “Pancakes and Pajamas” birthday party that was at 10am. I automatically loved the idea. From day 1, Konnor has always been happiest in the mornings so a morning party was perfect for him. As far as the sunshine theme, every morning when I go into his room to get him, I always say “Good morning, Sunshine!” So, this theme just fit him perfectly!!

Picking my favorite aspect/element of the party is hard because I loved it all and I put so much thought, time, and effort into each detail! But if I had to pick one single element it would have to be the picture wall that consists of one picture of Konnor from each month of his first year. It was a challenge at first but it turned out so good and I’m so glad we did it!

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