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set sail graduation party theme

If you have a graduate in your life that deserves some celebrating, I invite you to SET SAIL with me on this fun DIY! This is my latest project for Balloon Time, and it’s guaranteed to earn you some high marks in the creativity department. ;)

A Nautical Graduation Party Project

Balloons are definitely the focus of this design! Bright yellow and white balloons give a nod to sunny skies ahead and best wishes for a bright future, while a foil crescent moon balloon turned sideways creates the foundation of your DIY sailboat decoration.

Scroll down for a little sneak peek of how it’s done, then head over to the Balloon Time website to check out the full Graduation Party Sailboat Tutorial and to download the free printable sails.

graduation party decoration ideas

Pictured above: a few glimpses of the sails coming together. Since the sails are oversize, I set them both up on one 18×24″ PDF and printed them as a Color Engineering Print, which is a very inexpensive way to get larger prints done – only $2.99 per print at this size! You’ll also need a weighted base to keep your sails standing upright. (The foil moon balloon is just placed in front and secured to the base with glue dots.)

And then of course we need some helium for our bright & sunshine-y skies!

Balloon Time helium tank

Mixing It Up

This project would be great as a graduation party decoration or dessert table backdrop, or just as a fun surprise at home for your favorite grad. You can also switch up the designs of the sails to work for other nautical party themes… a variation on this design  would be really cute for a baby shower, first birthday party, or “bon voyage” celebration too! As they say… the (sunny) sky’s the limit! ;)

Click here or on the image below to visit the full tutorial. Happy celebrating!

graduation party sailboat decorations