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This cute little “table forest” arrangement was so much fun to make – and super easy! It coordinates with the Grateful Mod Tablescape and you could use it as an alternate centerpiece option to the (more involved) design featured on the table, or as accent decor elsewhere at your fall party or Thanksgiving dinner.

Once again, these utilize the free Grateful Mod printables, which were created in honor of Operation Give Thanks, in support of our troops.

Here are the DIY details:

Grateful Mod Printable Patterns & Embellishments (download them here)
Craft circle punches 2 different sizes or a paper circle cutter – (I used 2″ & 2.5″ punches here)
Cookie sticks (available at craft/baking stores)
Glue stick and tacky glue or hot glue
Vase + *vase filler
Floral foam or styrofoam

1. Punch circles from the paper patterns. For each circle, you’ll actually need to glue 2 circles together front-to-back to create double-sided circles with the pattern facing out. This will ensure the arrangements looks good from both sides. Big trees = 3 big circles + 1 small circle. Small trees = 2 big circles + 1 small circle.

2. Glue circles together to form “tree tops” and let dry.

3. Use tacky glue or a hot glue gun to attach the “tree tops” to cookies sticks. Let dry.

4. Fill your vase with foam. Add small pieces if necessary to create a snug fit.

5. Stick the trees into the foam to stand them up.

6. Cover the foam with a bright orange filler. (see note at the bottom regarding filler options)

7. Embellish the vase with a band of ribbon wrapped all the way around the vase, and one of the printable embellishments on both sides. (The embellishment will cover the point where the edges of the ribbon meet, so you can just attach the ribbon to the vase with tape to make things easy since it will be hidden anyways!)


*Vase filler: I used tiny orange styrofoam balls that I bought at Wholesale Flowers in San Diego last year for the vase filler pictured here.  Since it was a seasonal item, I don’t think they always have them in stock. If anyone knows of shopping resources for where to purchase these online, please let me know and I’ll add the link here! And if you can’t find these tiny foam balls, then opaque orange vase gems, bright orange sand, or even orange candies are great alternatives!