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glam haunted halloween dessert table

Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead! Debbie of Wants And Wishes made darn sure of it before planning her vibrant and playful Haunted House Party for Halloween. If you’re still uncertain, just take a closer look at those ding dongs… she’s melting! ;) I’m also loving the cool DIY broom hanging on the backdrop. (You’ll find a tutorial for it on Debbie’s soon!)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Ruffled, green & black striped paper backdrop
– Patterned coffin boxes with Dracula sugar cookies
– Haunted house milk cartons – SO CUTE!
– Wax monster leg candles
– “Haunted House” graham cracker building activity

cupcake ding dong the witch is dead toppers

haunted house cartons

ghost drink wrappers for halloween

halloween ruffle backdrop

halloween chocolate wrappers

halloween monster candle

coffin desserts

haunted house party bats

halloween haunted house party

coffin candy box

trick or treat bags


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Debbie

I’m so excited for my new Halloween collection. I wanted to create a glam Haunted House that was spooky while still being fun, glamourous and whimsical. Our collection includes a haunted house carton that you can filled with treats for a little favor or that you can let them fill as you “Trick or Treat” at the table. I used the spiderweb window in the milk carton as the backdrop in the dessert bar to make it look like the we are “in the haunted house”.

We staged our dessert table to look like it was in the cellar of a witches spell binding den. Bats are hanging upside down from a broomstick we made {tutorial coming on our website- less then 5 minute broomstick and under $5}. This is great for a prop or a costume!  We had monster candles lit flanking the “ding dong the witch is dead” treat and coffin boxes with Dracula sugar cookies. A cage held “fresh bats” {hershey bars} for ingredients needed in spells and potions. Other desserts were gummy toads and “glittery” cupcakes. my favorite treat I created for this collection is our ding dong the witch is dead. We took a ding dong and drizzled green chocolate to make it look like a witch was melting and attached our witches feet printable to it {from our printable collection}. Happy Haunting!!!!

For a fun Halloween activity we made “Haunted House” gram cracker houses, like gingerbread house but spooky and with chocolate gram crackers. You could also make with sugar cookies and color the dough!  The kids haunted houses are really quite fun because they are not perfect with creaks and droops that look extra haunted! They even took pieces of broken graham crackers and made signs and multi layered parts. Purple grape red vines were used as trees. One little guy didn’t really want to decorate as much as fill his house with the candy.



– Stylizing and photography: Wants and Wishes Design
– Printables: Wants and Wishes
– Monster candles: Dept. 56
– Backdrop: Rufflefabric