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Easy *Hippo River* Treat Tray

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Jungle Safari Hippo Biscuits

Cute hippos swimming in sprinkles? Yes, please! 😍

This playful snack idea is perfect for an “anytime” surprise treat for the kids. It also makes a fantastic addition to your jungle safari or wild animal themed party.

Either way, the clever (and EASY!) presentation should get you major creative kudos. 👏

You’ll need 2 store-bought goodies – Kinder Happy Hippos & chocolate sprinkles.

Just cover a tray or shallow container with chocolate sprinkles, then nestle the hippos into the sprinkles. DONE!

For deeper containers:

If you using a container that isn’t super shallow (like I did here with the wooden box) – here’s how to avoid the need to buy boatloads of chocolate sprinkles to fill it:

  1. Pad the bottom of the container with floral foam. This serves as a “riser” and makes a not-shallow dish way more shallow! 😉
  2. Cover the foam with a paper towel, card stock, or similar. (Basically, anything easily accessible that can separate the sprinkles from the foam.)
  3. Then, pour on the chocolate sprinkles until the “container filler” is completely hidden.

Jungle Safari Animal Desserts

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P.S. Curious about the treat labels?
They’re part of my (customizable) Jungle Safari party theme and available in the full party collection or a la carte. You can edit the text yourself online with my Design Hero customizer. 🥳

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