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Reggie Jackson Inspiratonal Quote - Home Run Hitters

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved inspirational quotes, but there’s one quote in particular that I’ve been leaning on heavily lately. I first stumbled on it in a random quotes tin that I bought somewhere way back in the day – pre-kids, pre-social media, and even pre-HWTM. (Told you it was way back in the day!)

Anyways, the quotes that fill this little round tin are printed on rectangular pieces of sticker paper about the size of a fortune cookie slip – and on one of these tiny slips, in simple black type, are the following words:

“Home run hitters strike out a lot.”
– Reggie Jackson

These 7 simple words have been an enormous sense of comfort to me personally lately, and I stuck it to the foot of my computer monitor, where I definitely can’t miss it, just to be safe:


Of course I had to beautify it up for you a bit more in the opening image. ;)

What a great reminder, though, that struggles and failures are a part of every journey in life – and that even the people that achieve incredible success – like the baseball greats that are remembered for their shining moments and not their strikeouts – do, in fact, experience them. (and in pretty decent volumes, considering the example!)

This reality of life is something we all probably know, somewhere deep down in the corners of our mind at least, but it’s really easy to forget. Like, REALLY easy – especially when you’re dealing with what feels like a pretty sizable struggle – or dare I say it – an actual failure – yourself. But we don’t have to let these swings-and-misses define us, OR be the last chapter of the story. We DO, however, have to stop and take a deep breath, adjust our stance, and rethink our plan.

And that’s exactly what’s happening with me right now.


If I spilled every single thing that’s currently running through my mind onto the screen, this post would be 10 miles long. (Plus I kinda prefer to do that kind of sharing across the table from a friend with a good bottle of Pinot!) So while I can’t go into every detail, I will tell you that things are going to be changing in a big way here at HWTM, and the first noticeable change will be in our blog content, so I’d like to share a little insight as to why…

Long story short: I’m exhausted. The end.

Just kidding… kind of. ;)

In all seriousness, we’ve enjoyed many years of sharing incredible party inspiration with you guys, and to this day I can genuinely say that I still get excited by the amazing creativity that floods our inbox. You’d think I’d be desensitized to it by now, but that’s honestly not the case.

However, you can only do things a certain way for so long, and I don’t want to be someone that just continues to do things for the sake of doing them, or that doesn’t know when to let go of something that’s just. not. quite. right. anymore – no matter how well it may have worked at one moment in time… OR how badly you want it to work.

Personally, I can relate to both of those examples right now.

If you’re familiar with the way that HWTM started back in 2006, you might remember that the main goal of developing  the site and blog was to share highly creative party inspiration and ideas, since “it was really hard to find much visual inspiration online” (as I’m quoting myself back then). Flash forward to today, and I have to laugh at how very, very different the world is now. There’s an endless stream of visual inspiration flooding us at every turn… so much so that I often even feel overwhelmed by it myself. It’s amazing how drastically the needle has moved in just 8 years.

And while this abundance of inspiration is a great thing – and actually one of the main things we set out to help with back then, it also makes a large portion of what we do on the blog now – the part that simply focuses on sharing imagery – feel a little bit… unnecessary. And I don’t know about you, but unnecessary is pretty much the polar opposite of what I want my efforts to be.

In fact, one of the things that grows increasingly clearer to me as I watch my kids grow and see the days fly by faster and faster – is that I really want the way I spend my time to matter. And this includes the hours, days, weeks, and yes – years – of life that we pour into crafting blog content for others to consume.


{My youngest daughter at the beach, a few days ago.}


So what exactly does it meant to create content that counts?

1) For starters, I want to make sure we’re offering up something more than just a fleeting glimpse at pretty pictures… that the focus of the posts shifts from simply showcasing the end results to showing readers how those results were achieved.

2) I also want HWTM readers to feel like they’re learning something helpful when they visit – whether it’s the trick to getting a centerpiece just right, how to turn a simple napkin into an adorable creation, how to use paper to significantly transform your party… or even to simply enlighten someone on how much work truly goes into that cool project you’ve been eyeing, so you can make sure you have the requisite 80 hours to spare before you start shopping for supplies. There are also a TON of party-related things to learn that are easier than they seem as well, and that’s the route I usually prefer too – so don’t worry!

3) Last but not least, I want to carve out more time to actually design beautiful things for your parties, and to somehow invite others into that part of our world. After all, design is where it all started, and is still my first love (career-wise, of course!).


This shift in content focus is definitely not going to happen overnight, but it IS going to happen – slowly but surely – over the next couple months. I decided to share all of this with you today though, in order to give a heads up to our longtime readers and party submitters, and also to offer a little explanation of the thinking behind the changes.

We will still honor the party features that we’ve already committed to and feature them over the next several weeks. However, we actually turned off the submissions form this morning (aaaack!), and updated that page with a brand new message today.

These content changes are also going to mean a redesign to a more streamlined format (something I’ve been craving for YEARS!) and an obvious change in the sheer volume of posts. But another thing I’m growing to appreciate more and more these days is quality over quantity, and I hope you’ll find – in your future experience here at least – that this sentiment rings true for you as well.

Sonny and I have put our heart and soul into this company, and will continue to do so moving forward. Please remember that there’s always so much more to the story than what you may see from the other side of the screen. Some of the comments that I catch online where HWTM is mentioned make me think that a lot of people forget this. Our business has weathered some pretty extensive storms – they just aren’t exactly the kind of things I give social media shout outs to, you know? But despite all of the trying times, I still find myself wanting to step up to the plate – just in a new way.

And while I know without a doubt there will be more strikeouts along the way, I can’t help but believe there are more home runs on the horizon too. You can bet that we’ll be swinging for them. :)


P.S. If you like this Reggie Jackson quote, you can click here to download a high resolution printable version of my design from the opening image of this post. I hope it comforts and inspires you too!