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DIY Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Jars and Favor Jars

I’m so excited to share this new project with you! I was recently asked to come up with a creative homemade gift idea for Ball’s 25 Days of Making & Giving campaign.

The pretty color of their Purple Heritage Collection Jars instantly make me think of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Ballet, so I ran with that idea and designed this sparkly Sugar Plum Fairy Treat Jar. You can fill it with any sort of fun treat – from a favorite homemade recipe to colorful store-bought treats, like the purple, lavender and silver chocolates shown here.

And because my head always goes into party mode when I’m designing for some reason *wink* – I also created a smaller & simpler version of this project that would be perfect for party favors at a ballerina birthday! Read on for details on both projects + the free printables below.

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Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Jar - Purple Mason Jar


– Ball® Purple Heritage Collection  Jar (pint size)
– 5″ Plastic Ballerina Cake Topper*
– Silver spray paint
– Fine craft glitter
– Craft or school glue (that dries clear)
– Small paint brush
– Hot glue gun

Extra Embellishments:
– Diamond Ribbon
– Faux snow & snowflake embellishments
– Sugar Plum Fairy Treat Tags

*You can buy the ballerina cake toppers in sets of 2 or in bulk sets of 24 on Amazon if you need to make a lot of jars. Purchasing them in bulk is significantly less expensive! (They come out to less than $1.50 each that way.) Also, make sure to get the 5″ tall CAKE toppers for this project and not the small 2″ cupcake toppers that have a similar design.


1. Spray paint a plastic ballerina cake topper silver and let dry completely.

2. Add some holiday sparkle to the outfit and tiara areas by painting them with glue then pouring fine craft glitter on top. Use a bowl or paper plate to catch the excess glitter so you can reuse it.

diy glittered ballerina cake topper

3. Hot glue the 2 pieces of the Ball Mason Jar lid together, then glue the finished ballerina on top.

4. Embellishment time! For a snowy touch, add a little quilt batting (using a bit of hot glue to secure) and some snowflake stickers around the base of the ballerina. I also hot glued diamond ribbon around the lid for extra sparkle.

5. Add a printable Sugar Plum Fairy favor tag or scroll banner. (Cut the scroll banners out, then use glue dots to attach it to the front of the jar.)

Pink Sugar Plum Fairy Favor Jars


– Ball® Qulited Crystal Jelly Jars (4 oz)
– Plastic Ballerina Cupcake Topper
– Fine craft glitter, pink
– Craft or school glue (that dries clear)
– Small paint brush
– Hot glue gun
– 2″ circle craft punch
– Sugar Plum Fairy Circle Tags

Extra Embellishments:
– Pink ribbon
– Clear rhinestones


1. Add glitter to the ballerina cupcake toppers by brushing their outfit & tiara areas with glue, then pouring fine craft glitter on top.

2. Print out the sugar plum fairy circle tags, then use a 2″ craft punch to cut them into circles.

3. Hot glue the 2 pieces of the jelly jar lit together, then hot glue the party circles and ballerina toppers to the top of the lid.

4. Embellishment time! (optional) Add ribbon around the edge of the lid, and glue a rhinestone to the ballerina’s hand for extra sparkle.



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Ball®. As always, all thoughts and designs are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that make it possible for me to keep the creative content coming your way!