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Darling Honey Bee Twins First Birthday

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honeybee twins first birthday

Buzzing with creative ideas, this Honey Bee Twins First Birthday by Karen Peel is absolutely precious! Choosing a theme is always so fun, and if you’re like me, you will play around with it until it’s perfect. ;) I love what Karen had to say about finding her theme and using inspiration to carry out her vision…

“I knew I wanted a bee theme, but also wanted something a bit different from the traditional yellow and black bumblebee. On the verge of changing themes, I came across the “Honey, I love You” Table in Amy Atlas’ book, Sweet Designs and decided on a more delicate look of soft yellow, white and grey “honey” bees– that was when it all came together!”

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Flower Headbands + Pretty Party Dresses
  • Ombre Yellow Butterceam Smash Cakes & Tissue Pom Decorated High Chairs
  • Chocolate Bar & Honey Favors with “We’re so glad you could bee here” tags
  • “Our Little Bees Are One” Bumble Bee Cake Pops

bee cake pops

party favors for a twins first birthday

bee themed cake for a first birthday party

drink station ideas

yellow smash cakes

yellow smash cakes

honey favors

PARTY DETAILS, as told by Karen

Honeybee Twins First Birthday Party


The first birthday for my twin girls had to be extra, extra special, after all it was a party for two! I knew I wanted a bee theme (due to my busy bee nature and nickname), but also wanted something a bit different from the traditional yellow and black bumblebee. On the verge of changing themes, I came across the Honey, I Love You party in Amy Atlas’ book, Sweet Designs and decided on a more delicate look of soft yellow, white and grey “honey” bees –that was when it all came together!


My next steps were to choose stationary and decorations. I collaborated with One Swell Studio on redesigning a bee themed baby shower invitation, and we created a complete first birthday party package with two little bees flying out of a bee hive to represent my girls.

Different coordinating elements of this bee themed design could be found throughout party room, starting with a framed “We are buzzing with excitement” welcome sign at the Gift table near the entrance. Directly across, we had the “Thank you, You’re Sweet as Honey” table with the chocolate bar and honey bears favors on display, lootbags in a row and my First Year framed photos of Sienna & Savannah to show how much they’ve grown this first year.

The food table was decorated with a “Happy Bee-day” banner and hanging poms in various sizes and shades of yellow, grey and white on either side. Against the windows in the gathering area, we had flagged buntings sewn from coordinating scrapbook paper patterns in yellow, orange and grey shades. The buntings did not photograph well against window, but looked amazing in the sunlight, as did the poms!

I also created a very long “Oh what Busy Bees we have been” photo clothesline to show all the things that my little Sienna & Savannah had been up to during their first year, including photo op with current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre!


I decided to simplify things by having savory and sweet menu items together in one large display.  For my very specific menu designed to fit in with the yellow, white (and orange) colour scheme, I even went so far as to only serve yellow and orange colored fruits and vegetables! My menu also included honeycomb elements such as hexagonal crackers and tortilla chips, and honeycomb patterned waffle cookies. I personalized some of the more basic treats by simply adding yellow candy melt drizzle to the rice krispy bars and yellow food coloring to floral shaped sugar cookies.

The show stopper of the table was, of course, the two-tiered fondant iced birthday cake by Merry Cakes, complete with two flying bees. I added more whimsy to table with my own homemade cake pop bees, and although it was a painstaking process to get the tiny wings to hold, they still looked great “flying” above the Boon drying rack “lawn” (and tasted great too)!

Yellow Menu:

  • Lemon bars
  • Bee Cake pops
  • Mini macarons
  • Rice Krispy bars
  • Crossaint sandwiches
  • Honeycomb cereal
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Lemondrop cupcakes
  • Portuguese egg tarts
  • Pineapple coconut gummies
  • Belgian butter waffle cookies
  • Floral shaped sugar cookies
  • Pineapple salsa and tortilla chips
  • Fruit tray (pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe)
  • Veg tray (yellow and orange peppers, carrots and celery sticks)


  • It wouldn’t be a bee party without a beehive glass drink dispenser, or two! We served cold honey iced tea and mango punch as well as hot tea.
  • As the drink station was not too far from the food table, it also held plates and cutlery and a “Little Bees Bar” with snacks for the babies.
  • This included such favorites as cheerios and yogurt melts in yellow muffin cups, mini carrot muffins and organic baby cookies.

Smash Cake

Making the birthday cake myself would have been too much to take on so decided to make both the smashcakes myself instead! The pretty piped petal design and ombre effect of the yellow smashcakes matched perfectly with the same ombre effect of the pom decorated high chairs. The rest was up to Sienna & Savannah and we got some great smashcake photos!


As most of our little guests were around the same age range, we needed a safe play area for crawling babies. I Simply added a few yellow and orange bouncy inflatable balls in an expanded playard as a more cost effective alternative to a ball pit. To match with the rest of the decor, I dressed up the boring grey portable playard with yellow and orange confetti bunting punched out from the flagged bunting scraps. For the big kids, we had The Bee Movie playing in the background with matching activity coloring books and crayons.


For the grown-ups, we had custom “First Beeday” wrapped chocolate bars and mini honey bears with “We’re So Glad You Could BEE Here” tags.  For the kids, we gave away Megabloks backpacks and buckets (depending on age range) in personalized white gift bags with enlarged bee cut outs.

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  5. Dee October 16, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    I love all of these party ideas! I am wondering where you bought the table cloths… some look like actual fabric and some look like they’re plastic. Would you please share where you found them? Thanks!

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