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Owls baby shower + 4 years old girl birthday party (46 photos)


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This party I produced for a friend to celebrate the birth of little Heloisa and also the birthday of her oldest daughter, Gabriela.
It was a baby shower for women and children only, with plenty of fun, recreation and toys for children.
At the table, I decorated with fine sweets personalized with the initials of the girls, cakepops, cookies with names and Gabi and Helo, macarons, Tic-tacs, mini loaves of honey, diapers cake and many owls.
It was a delicious afternoon tea party with a variety of savory and sweet breads, quiches, tarts, cakes, juices, coconut water and teas.
We gifted ours guests with decorated cookies shaped owl, lil´paper cages with coconut candies to children and little cans with wet wipes for women.
We decorated the room with family photos, Heloisa´s onesies and pictures Gabriela growth and a lot of balloons with helium and owls.

Cakepops and mini loaves of honey (mini pães de mel): Doceria Mestre Cuca by Priscilla Prado Redondo
Decorated Cookies: Maura Diniz.
Macarons: Viva os Macarons by Viva Ivana Raquel
Biscuits: Ateliê Minatti by Fernanda Minatti
Organization, production, decoration and personalized stationery: Belo Papel Ateliê de Festas by Deliene Alvarenga
Buffet: Buffet Union
Recreation: Fantasia Viva


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