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Baby B Gender Reveal (23 photos)


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I was more than thrilled when my cousin asked me to hostess her gender reaveal party!  She decided on the Little Mr or Little Miss theme and ordered the invitations off of Etsy right away.  I took my decoration and food cues from those.  

Mom and dad wanted this to be more of a gender reveal to their family and friends so they actually found out the day before the party and called me to finish the cake.  

She loved the chevrons on the invitations so I used that as the basis for the banners, water bottle labels, food cards & name reveal banner for the cake.  I then used multiple shades of blues & pinks for the rest of the decorations.  After a few hours of sewing I had made circle & strip paper garlands & crepe paper streamers with my sewing machine.  Then there was the decoupaged "B" & "G" letters & voting chalk board.

For the food I wanted to be sure and have "boy" things and "girl" things.  Which was easy with these two... dad loves stuffed mushrooms and anything with bacon and well mom has been craving fruits and veggies.  The cake was a variation of the bridal shower cake I made for her last summer which was white cake and a white chocolate buttercream, this one had an amazing blueberry filling though.  

All in all both soon to be parents had a great time which made the weeks of prepping worth it!  Oh and did I mention... IT'S A BOY!!  


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