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Honeybees + Honeycomb Baby Shower (50 photos)


Honeybee, bumble bee, honey, honeycomb, honey jar, floral design, diagonal stripes

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Buzzzzz! What will it BEE??? I recently had the honor of styling and coordinating this charming baby shower for my clients Cecilia and Ricardo. And I am thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. Back in December they had contacted me with the idea of a gender neutral baby shower that would be pretty perfect for either a boy or girl. They brainstormed on some ideas until they settled on Honeybees which I pretty excited to work on. ?

{Invitation}: Once my client had decided on a theme they loved, we moved on to working on an invitation package that would set the tone for the theme’s style. I once again contacted the talented Cara of One Swell Studio to get the cuteness started. Cara provided my clients with three super adorable honeybees invitation samples from which I had chance to present to them and help narrow down specific details to ensure the package was modern, cute and neutral enough for the kind of event they were envisioning.

{Venue}: This baby shower took place at one of Victor’s Chateau spacious party rooms where Cecilia and Rick gathered and share their special celebration with a hundred of their closest family and friends with delicious Sunday brunch.

{Tablescape Design}: The tables were dressed in Lemon colored linens, a simple napkin fold in Poppy Yellow napkins and each table was adorned with an assortment of spring flowers (roses, sunflowers, gerberas, daisies and hydrangeas) beautifully arranged in white round vases and topped with doubled sided toppers which each read “What will it bee?” on one side and a “Bee Blessed, Bee Beautiful, Bee Smart” etc with different sweet and encouraging quotes on the other side.

{Details- What will it BEE?!}: As the guests were greeted, they were asked to share their baby wishes with the couple and place them in the custom made Honeycomb Shaped Cards Box. Since the gender of the baby is still a secret, all guests were asked to guess the gender by wearing a cute bee pin that said “boy” or “girl”. To my surprise, everyone was pretty excited to wear them and a big number of them took a guess for BOY. Now we will have to wait and see…. For the Parents to BEE, I made a set of Mom To Bee and Dad To Bee Pins. They look so adorable wearing them. ? {Sweets Table}: The unique sweets table consisted of the cutest honeybees and honeycomb cake pops, mini cupcakes with bees toppers, bees, honey jars and honeycomb sugar cookies made by my awesome friend Arlene of Sprinkle Parade and an assortment of candies and pastries and an INCREDIBLE cake by Dulce de Leche Bakery which I had the honor of sketching for my client’s baby shower.

{Party Favors}: For the favors, we styled and embellished Mini Hexagon Shaped Honey Jars in two pretty patterned fabrics which were all adorned with a custom honeycomb shaped favor label. These cute jars were displayed and presented to all guests as they departed from the party.

{Entertainment}: Everyone was entertained with different baby shower games such as the diaper raffle, feeding the baby and my personal favorite “Look at my belly” were 4-5 men lined up with a balloon inside their shirt and did a danced off. The best “belly dancing man” won the prize.

The baby shower turned out to be a great success and I am very happy I had a part in my client's special celebration.

Vendors Resources:

Design, Styling, Execution, Floral Design, styled Honey Jars and Cardsbox, Cake Sketched Design: Sarah De Jesus of Dreamers Joy Events & Design

Event Assistant and Photography: Anny Loaiza

Custom Invitations and Printable Package: Cara Mcgrady of One Swell Studio

Cake Pops, Cake Balls and Custom Cookies: Arlene St. Hiliere of Sprinkle Parade

Cake and Pastries: Dulce De Leche Bakery



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