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Katie & Tommy's Rockin' 1950s wedding (46 photos)


Bridal Party

  • superflash creative:

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    • June 19, 2013 at 2:50PM
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My wedding, and our story as a couple, I think, is very unique and romantic.  You see, I am a Canadian, from Toronto, and I met my wonderful husband through some mutual friends while on vacation in Florida - on my last day in town, in April 2011.  Our mutual friend (and best man), Juan, had been wanting us to meet for years, but it never happened.  Then finally we met, and Tom decided in that instant that we were meant to be.  We texted the entire way home, and skyped every day after that.  Then he quit his job to move to Toronto to be with me.  By November (the 11th - 11/11/11) we were engaged.  We spent the entire next year working on visa paperwork to get me into the country (while working on wedding plans long distance the entire time).

We got legally married on January 1, 2013, but planned a "big" wedding for our friends and family to attend on May 18, 2013.  Both of us love 1950s music, culture and cars, so it was an obvious go-to for a theme.  We picked the colours red and turquoise, because turquoise is my favourite colour, and red is his.  I hand-made every element, from my paper flower bouquet (and my bridesmaids & flower girl's), to our centrepieces.  Tom even helped out by making a wooden directional sign, and a 3-tiered cupcake platter out of records.

superflash creative
Clearwater Beach, FL
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