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Sailing into Motherhood Name Reveal Shower Part 2 (17 photos)


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When getting pregnant this time around my husband and I decided that we would not be finding out the gender of the baby, so for my baby shower, it was very hard to settle on a theme that would be gender neutral but allow me to be gender specific with colors since we were revealing something: our choices for the baby's name! Shopping around and playing with colors I loved the combination of the navy, aqua, chartreuse green and pink/coral. That was the first thing I narrowed down. I settled on the theme and began to design.

I decided to break the party into two sides making separate tables in different two different color combinations: one for our boy choice Lucas and for our girl choice Maya. For the centerpieces I took a wine crates I had previously collected for my daughter's birthday party and filled them with white sand. I purchased sea shells at my local craft store and scattered them on top of the sand and added 4 white candles to each table. The candles looked like rope and fit the theme perfectly.

I made extra sure to make games that would get everyone chatting and having fun. So we went with baby scattergories, how big is Laila (guess the belly size), a lullaby competition and what's in the bag. I made the game cards using the patterns I had used in the party to tie everything in.

I also made a corner for mementos, I had a guessing game and wishes for baby cards that everyone then put inside a fish bowl. We had a great time and are looking forward to the arrival of our Lucas/Maya!

styling and printables: One Inspired Party
photography: Studio By Carmen
White frames: Ikea
Plain Cutlery Bags: A little V of everything
Napkins, Plates, crepe paper:
Wrapping papers: Home Goods and Target



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