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DOC MCSTUFFINS Birthday Party (46 photos)


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    Ms Bev:

    Wow! what a beautiful theme, very well presented, I sure wish I was a kid all over again. Good Job Zanique. Well done girl. I am calling you up for my big party.

    • October 5, 2013 at 8:58AM
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    How did you put the heart on the band aid cookies?

    • November 13, 2013 at 8:08PM
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Party Highlights

  • Doc McStuffins personalized party decorations and decor
  • Medical themed treats and decor
  • Medical/Doc McStuffins game

Party Details


  • Each child was asked to bring a doll or stuffed animal to the party
  • Wrinkled sheet used for a backdrop to resemble a hospital room divider
  • Medical themed style treats
  • Custom Doc McStuffins invitation, decor signs, cake toppers, food signs, sign-in sheet, name tags and patient bracelet (for the doll/stuffed animal)
  • Created Doc McStuffins headbands for the girls. Used glitter elastic, foam sticker flowers and sticker rhinestones. Created doctor headbands for the boys. Covered cardboard circles with foil
  • Picture of the Doc McStuffins clinic drawn on wrapping paper was used to cover/hide the doctor's clinic until the reveal of the game


  • Each child made a Big Book of Boo Boos book. The book was used to check off each body part examined on the doll/stuffed animal in a medical game


  • There were 8 doctor stations. The doctors checked their patients' eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tummy, weight, height and gave shots in the clinic.  After each station was completed, the doctors took the medical instuments and checked off the pages in the Big Book of Boo Boos
  • My custom designed Doc McStuffins Stick the Band-Aid on Chilly game. This was a bonus doctors station in the clinic. The doctors played stick the band-aid on the X on Chilly's tummy


  • The final doctors box/bag was filled with all the medical instruments collected during the medical game. The kids got to take the bag home along with the doctor's coat, custom name badge, shoe covers, mouth/nose cover and Doc McStuffins headband or doctors headband

Los Angeles, CA
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