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Summer in Provence (15 photos)


"Summer in Provence" Luncheon

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I went for a “Lemon and Lavender” color block palette – The punchy blue hues are all over the fashion world this summer aren’t they?! And it certainly inspired me to couple it with a bright lemony yellow. The inspiration also came from all around me here in southern France, especially my garden.

Provençale dining is usually a very relaxed outdoors affair in the summer, and the colors reflect the heat and vibrancy of the season over here. I went for a grown up feel, which would be perfect for a Summer Birthday Party or Bridal Shower luncheon!

I also tried to keep things quite traditional in terms of decor, but mixing in some basic glassware to keep it homey and not too formal.

I hate fussy tabletops, and it certainly does not have its place in a Provençale table, so I selected whatever’s in season (fruit and flowers) and in-keeping with the color-scheme and party theme. To keep the rustic, bold theme going, I used a main centerpieces and several other smaller vases with lavender and sunflowers spread throughout the table.

The lemons also help to keep summer bugs away from dinners, so it serves a dual purpose here. I also use some sunflower-shaped tea lights inside two bright yellow cage-lanterns to create a cosy atmosphere when the sun goes down.

I used decorative items and objects I had at home, most of which were finds at local flea markets and thrifty stores.

I tried to incorporate a lot of fresh, lemon flavors in this rustic dessert table, set up on a lichens-covered stone bench. I love the contrast of the worn out surface and the desert platters. Plus, the bright yellow lichens really matches my color scheme!

All desserts were homemade or home-assembled.  I purchased a lemon tart from my local bakers, then dressed it up to create a “deconstructed” lemon Meringue Pie with bought meringues and whipped cream. Decorated with slices of Sicilian lemons and lavender from my garden.

Lemon mousse, lemon-curd tartelettes, as well as citrus Madeleines and petit fours from my local bakers were dressed up with the party printables. I also used some of the printables to embellish the two-toered cake! Cupcakes were simple lemon sponge, with fondant white icing and lemon butter-cream, topped with lavender sprigs (edible BTW)


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