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Library Themed Birthday Party (17 photos)


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    i love this party, im throwing a library baby shower and will defiantly be using some of your wonderful ideas!

    • February 3, 2012 at 6:02AM
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    • Thank you so much @Whimsywishes ! I will look forward to seeing photos on here!

      • February 11, 2012 at 10:40PM
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I threw this party for a friend who is studying to be a librarian. At 30+ weeks pregnant I couldn't devote a ton of time and attention to the party, but still wanted it to be nice. I was happy with the simple decor and delicious dessert and wine celebration that ensued.

Decor— We wanted to keep things fairly simple, yet still bring the library theme throughout the party so we used book pages and printables to decorate. I was given a few books that had water damage to deconstruct for the party. It was difficult to take them apart, but it helped that I knew the books were destined for the recycle bin otherwise. I used the pages for the table runner, paper fans, several strings of bunting and for the above mobile. I created the mobile without a tutorial, but with inspiration from an Etsy store.

To take the books apart I used an exacto knife to slice the pages near the spine of the book.

Table Runner— To make the table runner I first gathered pages from several of my water-damaged books. I then haphazardly placed the pages using a glue stick to bond the edges of paper together. I wanted the runner to look like it was an overflow of pages. I let the runner dry on a flat surface completely before running it off of the table. I reinforced some of the pages that were at the edge of the table with scotch tape.

Paper Rosettes— I used a tutorial from Transient Expression:

I used several different sizes and kinds of paper including brown kraft paper, book pages and pink scrapbook paper.

Food— I decided to have desserts be the main attraction for the party. I served the desserts with wine, coffee and water. Desserts included: a layered birthday cake; chocolate mousse filled chocolate cups topped with a raspberry; "Shh-Kabobs" of angel food cake and strawberries with a dark chocolate drizzle; berry macaroons; marshmallow pops; cheesecake filled strawberries (not pictured); and lemon cake pops. I gave the desserts "literary" names and printed them with the same image from the invitation.

The birthday cake was my first try at making a multi-colored layered cake. The colored layers came out beautifully and was quite nice to cut into.... I wanted to frost the cake using the ruffle technique, but at the last minute realized I lacked the proper frosting tip. I ended up using a round tip and feel like the tip, along with the frosting color, made the cake look like a brain rather than a pretty ruffled treat.

Multi-Colored Layered Cake Recipe:

Ruffled Cake Directions:



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