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All You Need Is Love Wedding (47 photos)


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The theme created for this wedding wasnt neccasary a certain color but was really a certain feeling.A feeling of love from begining to end from the ceremony to the reception in any way possible with the decorations to the music and in the end  the result was indeed LOVE.

Every detail, every project from folding hundreds and hundreds of paper cranes that where strung with fishing line and then hung to create a magical arch for the ceremony was just the strart . The cranes where also used as an added touch to the reception and placed on guests tables and dessert tables. As a neat token for the guests fairwell pinwheels  where made with  words that said Yah,Yippee and Congrates. Wedding fans with the lyrics to a great  Beatles song "All You Need Is Love"  where given to each guest to sing along during the ceremony. For the programes the do it yourself feel was shown again with  orgimi cootie catchers that once unfolded revealed  special words about the family and wedding day.


The reception was designed with a simple feel of sunflowers through out the room. Each table was designed with a handful of sunflowers set inside mason jars. The feeling of love continued to spread with tags that where added to each centerpiece that expressed how thankful the bride and groom felt. The linens where simple white table cloths covered with burlap that created a warm vintage feel. The candly table was a joy to see because each candy represented the bride and groom aswell as the children of the bride and groom favorite candys. TOO CUTE!  For the favors each guest  filled and took home customized  brown candy bags stamped with lovely silhouette of a bride and groom holding hands and kissing (A true representation of Rene & Maria). The dessert table was a combination of chocolate covered strawberries, carmel apples and of course a wedding favorite delicious cupcakes by Mellissa. Cardstock tags embellished with turquoise satin ribbon where hung on the wishing tree. There was alot cutting, many things glued ,  a whole lot of tape , plenty of tieing and alot of hammering.  This wedding was the true meaning of  the "Labor of Love". 





Vallejo, Ca
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