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{What a doll} Dollhouse Baby Homecoming Treat Table (27 photos)


{What a doll} Dollhouse "Bringing Baby Home" Treat Table

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When I held my niece for the first time minutes after she was born, I looked at her and said to myself, “What a doll!”  For that very reason, I decided to welcome Baby Grace, Mommy & Daddy home from the hospital in a very special way… a dollhouse dessert table.  Knowing that there would be a long line of guests stopping by to sneak a peek of the little doll face, I thought setting up a table filled with sweet treats and refreshments would create ‘ooohhhs’ and ‘aaahhhs’ just like the sweet baby girl!  Guests could eat goodies and meet Grace, without Mom and Dad doing any work of entertaining.

The most exciting and fun part of the whole thing is that I conceptualized the idea at noon on a Tuesday and they arrived home with the baby noon on the following day.  Tonia was going to have some visitors from the other side of the family on Tuesday afternoon, and we all know how small those hospital rooms are, so I had an excuse to escape for a few hours! I stopped at FIVE local stores (I’m not going to count Starbucks drive-thru) to get everything that I needed.  Nothing customized… nothing special ordered… nothing homemade… just good ‘ole driving around Chandler, Arizona in the 105 degree weather.  So, here’s how my five hour, five stop set-up played out…

Tuesday: 1:00 pm -
Stop #1 – The Mall
- Pottery Barn – The white, doll sleigh bed will be perfect for the table and the newborn photos!
- Godiva Chocolates - Any lady who has delivered a child deserves only the best chocolate.  “What do you have in pink?  I’ll take eight of everything!”

Tuesday: 1:40 pm
Stop #2 – Target always hits the spot. Bull’s eye!
- The frame and pen for guests to write a ‘Welcome to the World’ message for Baby Grace
- The baby onesies and pajamas. Notice the “My Auntie Loves Me” one. I was smiling through happy tears when I saw that set.
- Anyone else love those soft cookies with the pink frosting?  And… I found mini ones!
- Prints from photos that I took just an hour before.  What a face??? Definitely worth the work!

Tuesday: 2:30 pm
Stop #3 – Sweet Daddy Cupcakes
- The newest and cutest cupcakes in town.  The staff was so friendly; I stayed longer than expected chatting about… what else… cupcakes!

Tuesday: 3:00 pm
Stop #4 – Hobby Lobby
- FINALLY had a reason to buy the dollhouse that I had noticed months before… and it was on CLEARANCE! Baby Grace’s lucky day!
- Walking to the check out, I filled my arms with cupcake liners, cupcake toppers, monogram napkins and plates.

Tuesday: 4:00 pm
Starbucks Drive Thru for shaken iced-tea lemonade and 8 Birthday Cake Cake Pops.  AAAHHHH, refreshing!
And back to the hospital to hold baby Grace!

Wednesday: 8:30 am
Today, I had two new helpers! My three-year-old party veteran, Charlotte, and my nine-month old sweetie, Evelyn! Party-up, girls!
Stop #5 – Grocery Store
- Balloons! Yes, my local grocery store had the polka dot ones that I had envisioned. SCORE!
- Cute bottles of something pink – lemonade it is!
- While buying Charlotte a donut to pacify her never-ending questions, I picked up three for the set-up.

Wednesday: 9:30 am
Final Destination: Baby Grace’s house
- I raided my sisters serving pieces including the dessert stands and cake pop holder, her craft closet including black and pink ribbon, and the spare bedroom for the antique Shirley Temple doll that once belonged to Grace’s Great-grandma. 
- I unloaded a rocking chair, picture holder, and two pink blankets that my daughter said Baby Grace could borrow from my car, and then got to work…
- Ding, Dong! Flowers arrived from Grace’s grandma; pink and perfect!

Wednesday: 10:30 am
Set up completed, pictures taken, packed-up and gone! 

Having a set time limit was thrilling!  I loved every 300 minutes of it!  When Tonia called telling me that they had arrived home, we couldn’t even get words out (darn those hormones).  We just took turns squeaking at each other for a few seconds and just understood how blessed we both were.  Welcome home, Baby Grace!

Vendor Credits
Newborn Photography: Justine Miller Photography
Cupcakes: Sweet Daddy Cupcakes
Cake pops: Starbucks
Sweets, Treats, and Décor: Pottery Barn, Godiva, Target, Hobby Lobby, Bashas Grocery
Florist: Fred’s Flowers


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