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60th Birthday Celebration (20 photos)


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I had a hard time coming up with a theme and even after we secured an unique venue I had no idea! In the end I let the invitations set the tone red for a little pop of color and a "timeline" inspired graphic! Guest enjoyed the collection of vintage cars that lined the venue walls.I  wanted to take guest through a "timeline" of some of the major events in the guest of honors life. Using pictures from his past, guest got a glimpse at his wedding day, time he served in vietnam, his love for the outdoors and super cute and cool pics from his youth! Nicknamed "Cowboy" as a child... and known to have an appetite that includes a love of sweets... I created a Cowboy theme dessert buffet! CENTERPIECE:FAVORS Small galvanized buckets with wooden handles were adorned with photo cards of the guest of honor and time-lined some of the important events of his life! In each bucket, wrapped in vintage newspaper, guest were treated to vintage inspired aluminum bottled coca cola's and sprites!


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