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Vintage Pink & Yellow Tea Party (31 photos)


Doily wreath with pink ribbon on our front door.

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Call me a stick-in-the-mud, but I like a truly traditional tea party – and not a tea party mixed with any other activities you might find at a spa party or fairy party or princess party. Just a good, old-fashioned tea party. So that’s what we had.

I drew inspiration from a delicate pink and yellow teacup. I am in love with this pattern and I pulled the party colors from it.

The other accents were doilies – lots and lots of doilies. On our door, in the girls’ “We Are Six” banner (that I made), as our placemats, as our place cards, and decorating our piñata goodie bags.

I used my china cabinet to display our food and desserts. Since the cabinet has a mirrored back, I covered the mirror in a pink and yellow rose-patterned chintz. 

For serving pieces, I used white, glass, silver and added pops of pink. The mini stands holding the lemon curd and Devonshire cream I made using a tutorial from The Party Dress magazine. I also got lucky and found a pink hobnail vase for $4 the day before the party.

When it came to the sweets, I tried to incorporate the party colors. Treats included strawberries, blueberry white chocolate scones, cranberry orange scones, berry cupcakes, cotton candy cookies, meringue cookies, candy sticks, madeleines, and dark chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons. (I may have helped myself to a few of the macaroons.) The birthday cake was a white chocolate and raspberry 3-D teapot cake — so pretty!

Our tea sandwiches included tomato basil, egg salad, cucumber cream cheese, chocolate-dipped PB&J, and chicken salad. And instead of tea, which most of the girls felt unsure of, I served pink lemonade.

On the table, I used china from my collection of antique store finds. At each place were gloves and a “cracker” that held necklaces.

Each girl also had a favor in a tea tin. The favors were hand-made felt cookies – so cute!

But I think my favorite part of the tablescape is the centerpiece. On one of my silver trays, I stacked several colorful old books and topped those with two teapots with arrangements of pink, yellow and cream silk flowers.

Our first activity was to make our party hats. The girls could chose boas, butterflies, and flowers to attach to their hats and I helped them with the hot glue. Once at the table, the girls opened their crackers for necklaces, put on their gloves and they were ready for tea, which of course, was our main activity.

After tea, we went outside for a few games. First up was a teaspoon relay. We broke into teams. Each girl had a spoon with a sugar cube. They had to carry the spoon straight out and drop the sugar cube into a teapot. Whichever team got the most cubes in the teapot won the relay.

Tea parties are a great opportunity to make manners and ladylike behavior fun, so we practiced walking with books balanced on our heads. They really got engaged with this activity!

Finally, we had a piñata. Each girl had an empty goodie bag for collecting her piñata treasures. I thought they didn’t need any more sweets, so our piñata minimized the candy and included teapot stickers and dress-up rings.

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